Azkals vs Bangladesh Mar. 25 live updates here

Azkals' last chance to qualify for the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup is happening at 3:30 PM in Rangoon, Myanmar (5 PM in Manila).

On the bottom of this page, Mykiru will blog the live Twitter updates from ABS-CBN reporter Dyan Castillejo (@DyanCastillejo) and Inquirer reporter Cedelf Tupas (@cedelfpt) who are both in Myanmar to cover the exciting match of the Philippine Azkals and the Bengal Tigers from Bangladesh.

The Azkals MUST win this game to be able to advance to the next round.

Just like in the previous two matches, last Monday and Wednesday, there will be no live streaming again or a live TV coverage of the Azkals vs Bangladesh.

So we have to settle with the live updates from Ms. Dyan and Mr. Cedelf.


Neil Etheridge
James Younghusband
Aly Borromeo
Anton Del Rosario
Ian Araneta
Ray Jonsson
Jerry Lucena
Chieffy Caligdong
Jason Sabio
Angel Guirado
Yanti Barsales

No more Rob Gier in the line-up as he has returned to England to be with his wife who's 4-month pregnant with his first child.

“My wife is ill and she needs me,” Gier tells Inquirer's Cedelf Tupas. "As much as I wanted to play for the Philippines, my family is my priority as of the moment.”

Simon Greatwich is also removed from the line-up. Some say he got suspended from playing in the Bangladesh match. But he's in fact a substitute player for this crucial match.

Other substitute players are: William Espinosa, Roel Gener, Patrick Hinrichsen, Nestorio Margarse, Eduard Sacapaño and Yannick Tuason.


Here we go... Live Blogging the Philippines (Azkals) in blue vs Bangladesh (Bengal Tigers) in red and green.

[Highlighted are the times that a team has scored a goal. Just scroll down!]

4:55 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Players are on the field now. Wearing all blue. Laban #azkals!

4:56 PM: @cedelfpt: The Bangladesh keeper Mamun is as tall as Neil Etheridge

4:58 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Just sang our national anthem. Game`s going to start soon

5:00 PM @cedelfpt kick off

5:01 PM @cedelfpt Bangladesh with one striker, Ameli. An early injury stoppage Zahid

5:02 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh playing defensive no 7 down from bangladesh

5:04 PM @cedelfpt first attempt by Angel long range striker straight to the keeper. 4 mins

5:06 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO throw in bangladesh

5:06 PM @cedelfpt Chieffy floats dangerous cross for James but keeper clears 6th min

5:12 PM @cedelfpt Zahid with a shot on goal. brilliant stop by Neil Etheridge 12th min 0-0

5:13 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Ray J. steals ball from bangladesh

5:13 PM @cedelfpt Araneta went for glory, despite his poor position and his shot goes way wide 13th min

5:15 PM @cedelfpt free kick Bangladesh from 35 yards easily collected by Neil

5:17 PM @cedelfpt Chieffy eludes 2 defenders and delivers low shot from tight angle saved by Bang keeper. stil 0-0 17th min

5:18 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Neil taking free kick

5:19 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Recieved by James with a header but Araneta didn`t recieve

5:21 PM @cedelfpt another cross from Chieffy for Ian but Bangladesh clear again 21st min 0-0

5:23 PM @cedelfpt long range strike from Angel easy save by Bang keeper. James earns foul for 25-yard free kick

5:24 PM @cedelfpt Chieffy takes it,shot bounces off the wall.

5:25 PM @cedelfpt Araneta well-marked cant get a touch on those crosses. Chieffy working overtime on the left flank 25th min

5:26 PM @cedelfpt Zahid with an ambitious effort on the counter. shot goes over the bar

5:29 PM @cedelfpt Lucena dispossessed but recovers ball from Zahid. 29th min.

5:30 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 30 minutes, 0-0

5:32 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO good passing bangladesh. well, im nervous, they are keeping the balls well

5:33 PM @cedelfpt Araneta threatens to break but flagged offside. 33rd min. 0-0

5:34 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh if they draw have good chance of qualifying as long as myanmar doesnt win by more than 3 -0. bangladesh taking time

5:37 PM @cedelfpt free kick for James from the right, Anton takes a shot that gets deflected for a corner.

5:38 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO another corner kick philippines chiefy another chance tall bangladesh goalie jumps up catches

5:39 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 39 minutes gone 0--

5:41 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO GOAL BY ARANETA!!! Philippines 1, Bangladesh 0

5:42 PM @cedelfpt Barsales started move from right, passed to Angel who finds space for a shot that was blocked.

5:43 PM @cedelfpt ball falls kindly to Araneta, Keeps his composure 2 beat keeper

5:44 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO corner kick for azkals

5:45 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 1st half just ended

5:46 PM @cedelfpt 1 min of injury time. that was araneta's 9th int'l goal and his first since hat-trick vs Timor in Suzuki Cup qualifying last yr

5:47 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO pinoy flags waving here!!! rejoicing 15vminute break then 45 mins if we win even 1 -0 phils makes history qualifying for challenge cup

6:00 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 2nd half about to start

6:02 PM @cedelfpt Bangladesh also has around 20 to 30 fans here at Aung San Stadium. 2nd half starts #Azkals

6:04 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Foul called for Lucena

6:05 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO foul by angel

6:06 PM @cedelfpt quiet start to the 2nd half for #azkals. ian gets into dangerous area but loses ball.aly intervenes on a couple of through balls

6:08 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh player fouls angel

6:09 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO anton takes free kick

6:10 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO james passes to Ian and Ian heads the ball. ALMOST got another goal!

6:11 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO anton throw in

6:12 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO GOAL BY ANGEL!!! GREAT HEADER. Philippines 2, Bangladesh 0


6:16 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO ref calls off side for bangladesh

6:17 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO foul for bangladesh. Anton takes the kick

6:19 PM @cedelfpt Shouldve been 3-0. quick counter attack Angel releases James on the side, Bang keeper saves shot with his legs. 59th min

6:21 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO yellow card for bangladesh player

6:23 PM @cedelfpt ian hits post on volley, but hes also marginally offside. 63rd min. still 2-0

6:29 PM @cedelfpt Bangladesh shot from outside the box goes wide.

6:31 PM @cedelfpt great through ball from James for Anton, who sends a low cross from the right but keeper quick to collect as Ian rushes to get a touch.

6:32 PM @cedelfpt Gener getting ready to come in #Azkals

6:33 PM @cedelfpt James with another shot from the edge of the area but the Bangladesh defender gets a block. 75th min

6:34 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh player fouls James. Aly takes free kick

6:34 PM @cedelfpt it's also worth mentioning the stellar job of the backline of Aly and Sabio,Anton,Ray and Lucena as def midfield #Azkals

6:35 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Gener sub for cheiffy

6:36 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO great steal by Lucena

6:37 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO ANGEL GOAL AGAIN. Philippines 3, Bangladesh 0

6:40 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO SImon Greatwich in Barsales out

6:44 PM @cedelfpt sub Tuason getting ready to come in for James Younghusband 89th min

6:48 PM @cedelfpt 2 min injury time. it shouldnt be long now. celebration time. James gets a round of applause

6:49 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Yannick Tuason in James YH out

6:51 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Final score Philippines 3- 0 Bangladesh

Congratulations to the Philippine Azkals! They finished 2nd in Group A and now qualifies along with Palestine for the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup.

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  14. wow!!!
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