Willing Willie and Willie Revillame defended by Jan-Jan Suan's parents against child abuse allegations

Willing Willie's episode last night, March 28, 2011, featured again 6-year-old Jan-Jan Suan and this time with his parents to defend Willing Willie and its host Willie Revillame against allegations that the show and the host have abused their child during its March 12 episode.

Jan-Jan's appearance on Willing Willie last March 12 where he showcased his "macho dancing" skills as his talent has become a controversial topic on the internet, most especially yesterday, to the extent that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has issued a statement, condemning the said episode and deemed it as a violation of the Child Abuse law. (Read more about it HERE).

"Willing Willie" even made it to Twitter's top trending topics worldwide last night, just because of that.

And now, on last night's episode of Willing Willie, Jan-Jan brought along his parents to explain that they didn't teach Jan-Jan the said dance (it's his elder cousin who taught the dance), that for them Willing Willie and its host Willie Revillame did not abuse their child.

According to Jan-Jan's dad Jojo Estrada, who has his own parlor business, his son has been doing the said dance since he was 4 years old and he loves to dance to the tune of "Careless Whisper" (the controversial song in the Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili video scandal.)

Jan-Jan's mom has also pointed out that some shows in other channels, they mentioned ABS-CBN's Goin' Bulilit, are the ones that DSWD should look into. "Sa mga ibang channel, katulad po ng Goin' Bulilit, bakit po ninyo hindi po kinu-kuwestiyon 'yung mga pinapagawa po sa show na 'yun at sa anak ko po 'yung kinukuwestyon nyo nang malaki. 'Yun lang po ang panawagan ko, wag nyo po sanang masamain ang ginagawa ng anak ko.

The father also added, "Kuya Willie, katulad ung sa ibang istasyon, mas matindi pa nga ung mga ginagawa nila, talagang pag napapanood namin talagang naghuhubad talaga, yung mga bata ginagaya nila di ba?"

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13 Comment(s):

  1. hindi ang bata o si willie ang malaswa dito..ang mga magulang..

  2. What kind of parent are you? I know if that happened to my child I wont be defending Willie! That's national television! He was degraded and made fun of! The kid felt bad and you can tell by his tears! If you felt it was alright you are one ignorant person!

  3. ang masasabi ko lang sa parents nung bata is they dont deserve to have a son like him, who is willing to do anything just to have money. i am most certainly sure, that whatever that child did on tv, was instructed to him. and you could tell by the way he answered willie his innocence that willie flagrantly exploited. and im so pissed with his parents for not seeing that. how could you defend his acts when you could see how he blatantly laughed at him when he was asking about his parents. dapat mahiya kayo sa anak nyo kasi dahil sa halip na turuan nyo sya ng tamang asal, tinuturuan nyo pa syang gawin ang mali. bata lang yan, at kung anuman ang sabihin ng magulang susundin nila kasi yun ang sa palagay nilang tama. kawawa naman ang anak nyo. sana imulat nyo mga mata nyo na ang anak nyo naagrabyido. wag kayo masilaw sa pera, gano man kahirap ang buhay. always remember that no matter how hard your life is right now, as long as you believe in God, He'll give you the life you deserve.

  4. Huhh.. Scripted to?.. ano nmn kinalamn ng goin bulilit. hyy. grabe talaga ngayun.. Goin bulilit is a gag show. isipin nila yun.

  5. so wats d issue?ang cheap ng mga mgulang na to diba?pati channel 5 at c willie.mandamay ng ibng show un lang magawa ng mga taong wla mgandang maidahilan...hayyyyy

  6. hahaha!! nagkamali na naman detractors ni Willie Revillame, look what happened..mpa FB, mpa Twitter yahoo or google TOP SEARCH si Willie at ang show niya na Willing Willie...ANUBAYAN????

  7. Omg you're the stupid one! If you had a child like that. Would you be happy that your child was forced to dance like that and made fun of? Don't be ignorant and feel that it was OK! Whatever people say IT WAS WRONG!

  8. LOL! Sikat sa controversy? Wow that's something to be proud of! Philippines let's rejoice for the Willie's popularity! More popular than Oprah! Let's rejoice! KAKAHIYA! PWEH! Sometimes all the Willie fans should know who their looking up to! How many controversy? How many case? Yan and Idol nyo?

  9. that poor kid. his parents are pimps.

  10. it's no big deal!i believe mga kapamilyucks na naman nagover-the top negative comment d2. They're being too critical. As if eh sa Goin buililit nga pinaghuhubad pa mga bata!
    And to tell that the parents are immature at pinabayaan ang bata, WTH are u. Were u wid janjan and his parents all the way. Akala mo kung sinong mga santo haha

  11. baliw.. u havent watch the show that's why u dont understand. u just relied on youtube. And do you have any evidence na finorce siya? Katabi ka ba nung bata habang finoforce siya? It was the kid who has this "iyakin" feature and namisinterpret obviously ng mga kamukha mo na STUPID

  12. Mhalditah_ako_tweetyMarch 30, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    mag enjoy n lang kc kau ndi un kung anu2 ang ini imbento niong pblema!!!!! nun npanuod ku un bata sumaya aku ni wala man lang akung naicip na kgaya ng mga iniicip ng iba!!!!! INGIT LANG CGURO YAN!!!!!

  13. If someone acted like a santo in this situation its "Willie"! Imagine he's on Primetime TV Everyday Prentending like he's a saint and helping everybody but its all PAKITANG TAO! If you really want to help people put up a charity! Do something meaningful!