Bianca Paz disqualified from Bb. Pilipinas 2011 over sexy calendar photos

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidate #28 Ma. Paula Bianca Paz from Quezon City is the latest candidate to be disqualified from the pageant.

Truly, this year's Binibining Pilipinas is turning to be the most controversial edition of the pageant as Bianca Paz is already the 4th candidate to be removed from the pageant.

The first two were Grendel Alvarado and Jen Olivar who got
disqualified when the pageant organizers found out they posed naked in a photoshoot challenge for a modeling contest.

And then Roxanne Cabañero followed when she was forced to resign
because of alleged naked photos posted in an adult website, which were denied by Cabañero.

Those three were removed from the 40 official candidates and were replaced by 3 new hopefuls.

And just a week after the 40 contestants were officially presented to the press, another candidate has been disqualified from the pageant.

Bianca Paz, who's a returning candidate and ex-gf of actor Polo Ravales, was booted out of the
pageant, just because she did a photoshoot for a calendar in 2009.

According to Bianca's official statement on Facebook, she finds nothing wrong with her calendar photos but she respects the decision of BPCI.

Here's what her statement goes:

"I took part in a calendar shoot 2 years ago w/c never came to mind as a possible hindrance for my participation in the Binibining Pilipinas as I made sure that the finished result would not be less than tasteful and even of editorial standard before being published.

"Unfortunately, BPCI did not have the same opinion of the said shoot and so as of today I have been officially DISQUALIFIED.

"I respect and accept BPCI's decision and refuse to make the issue any biggger that it already is. I only ask that everyone does the same and refrain themselves for making false judgments and ignorant accusations towards me and anyone else involved. At this point, it's all very unnecessary."

There are also rumors that Bianca got disqualified because she has a video scandal with current boyfriend Andrew Wolfe.

But Bianca was quick to deny that on Facebook. She said that she has no nud3 photos nor a s3x video as what people are trying to speculate. "I would also like to make clear that there are NO, I repeat, NO nud3 photos nor s3x videos, anywhere existing."

She just encouraged everyone to support the candidates and the pageant which she labeled as 'entertainment'. "I encourage everyone to show support to all remaining candidates and...well...Enjoy the show! This is, after all, 'entertainment!' i want to thank everyone who supported me. God bless all and I love you all."

[LATEST UPDATE: Bianca Paz controversial calendar photo and video surface]


After Bianca, two more candidates are reportedly facing a possible disqualification also because of sexy photos in the past.

So maybe by April 10, the final night, there will only be 10 candidates left, because of this endless disqualification.

I hope this will be the last already.

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  1. i think by the coronation night only 3 candidates will remain to battle for the titles. Eh kung mag didisqualify lang naman pala sila ng candidates isa-isa eh di sana tatlo na lang ang pinili nila nung umpisa palang o kaya namili na sila ng mga panalo nung screening at hindi na sila kumuha ng 40.

  2. this is the ultimate display of how inappropriate and incompetent BPCI really is. they have the long standing issue of morality yadada-yadada yadidi. they make the hopeful women really just stayed hopefuls. the fact that they have screenings, they should have checked billion times if the candidates they're presenting to the press, filipino audience and the world, that they have chosen what they've believed best suited for their "morality-based" competition and exposition of bikinis, national costumes, long gowns and the witty wits. it's really sickening to hear and watch women being disqualified in their pageant-entertainment yadidi. these women have spent so much time, effort and dedication only to find out at the end, they are disqualified because of alleged "immoral" pictures whatsoever. if the issue is all about being moral and immoral, does BPCI really understood and realized these disqualifications they're doing with the women already presented to the press, to the entire filipino population and even the world, are "MORAL" doings of such "morality-based" organization? who has now the morale? BPCI are a bunch of hypocrites! For heaven's sake, does any remaining candidates in their pageant have not posted any bikini picture on their FB accounts? is that also "immoral" for BPCI? wtf**k they're doing with our women? they are really hypocrites!

  3. The BPCI is such a stupid and bunch of hypocrites. They never realized the effect and implication of the pageant and its reputation not only in the eyes of the Filipino public but also the organization of the other world pageantry. Media can be found as viral online. We're in the first century!
    Presenting the candidates in a bikini or swimsuit outfit in front of the photographers and parading them semi naked in the public is justice for the BPCI. Hey wake up!

  4. You are a very sexy woman, and they must be fat old, and ugly, just jealous of your beauty.