Simon Atkins favored over Gerald Anderson: Poll

Simon Atkins was highly favored on Mykiru's Poll asking the voters if they like Simon for Kim Chiu.

The said poll was conducted after Simon expressed on Twitter that he likes to meet Kim Chiu.

Over a thousand voters took part in the poll and 769 of them or a big 76.29% voted "Yes".

It was indeed a strong approval from those who participated in the poll since those who selected NO and still wanted Gerald Anderson for Kim were only 143 or 14.19%.

5.36% of the voters meanwhile wanted Enchong Dee for Kim while 4.17% opted to give other answers.

It's quite interesting what the "Other Answers" were as submitted by voters who probably don't like Simon nor Gerald and Enchong for Kim.

The most common answer was "Sam Milby". Yeah, some of them wanted Sam for Kim, while others answered "Jason Abalos" who once courted Kim.

A lot of them also opted not to choose anyone, coz they're leaving it all up to Kim to decide who she thinks is best for her.

Here's what others said:

*atkins and me
*atkins' too hot for kim
*bahala na si kim kung sino ang gusto nya.
*di ko type! mas mabuting maging old maid nalang si kim i'm sorry di ko siya type
*Friends ok! Kim will get hurt w/ likes of Simon like GE
*kim is not worth it for simon
*mag-PBA ka nalang muna pre ..marami pang darating dyan...
*marlon stockinger
*mas bagay sa doctor si kim!
*pwd rin kung tlgang nagkaguztuhan sila db?
*sana totoo na fe feel nya ky kim
*she knows best
*someone better, someday!
*wag na muna boyfriend
*wala me paki
*walang bagay kay kim!!!!!
*who cares!
*whoever makes Kim happy and honest to her....

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