Albie Casiño is Utoy ('Mara Clara' March 16, 2011 episode)

Utoy was finally revealed on Mara Clara's episode tonight, March 16. And it's no other than Albie Casiño aka Christian Torralba.

Since Wednesday last week, viewers were glued on their TV sets waiting for the appearance of Utoy, the one who saved Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) after she escaped from the explosion.

Many believe that newbie Diego Montano will be playing Utoy since news came out also last week that he will be an addition to the cast.

But many also believed, especially the Kathbie fans that Utoy and Christian are just one.

And they're right.

Christian is indeed Utoy and definitely just adds more "kilig" to the love story of Christian and Mara 'coz for the nth time, Christian played a hero again to Mara and forever will be.

People behind the show were indeed successful in making the viewers excited and curious about who really Utoy is.

For 3 consecutive nights, from Monday (Mar. 14) up to Wednesday (Mar. 16), Utoy made it as a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

It's a proof that Mara Clara has a great impact to the viewers and is definitely the phenomenal show of the year.

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2 Comment(s):

  1. How come Otoy has A BIG NOSE?

  2. Yeah! pag nasa tv screen siya very dominant talaga! At his always frowning! The NOSE..The Nose...buti pa si John:)