PBB housemate Gaby dela Merced opts for a voluntary exit

Racing goddess Gaby dela Merced has finally decided to leave voluntarily from the Big Brother house to attend a very important international racing development seminar in the US from 16th to 18th of November.

I was expecting though that Gaby will opt for a voluntary exit instead of staying inside the house, because I think, she knew all along that she had an upcoming seminar. That means, she only wanted to experience being a housemate with the purpose of leaving voluntarily in time for her training seminar.

Gaby is set to leave the house Saturday night, saving all her co-nominees, Victor Basa, Ethel, Baron and Donald Geiser, from being evicted.

Speaking of the Geisler brothers, they are the new and the 3rd head of households inside the Big Brother house. Many are complaining why they were allowed to compete for the title, when, in fact, they are included in the list of nominees. If you can still remember, Megan Young was spared the chance to be a Head of Household during the two consecutive weeks of being one of the nominees.

With this new development, the Geisler brothers are ought to stay longer inside the Big Brother house, since they will have an instant immunity from being nominated on the next nomination night.
If you're still interested to know the tally of votes during the 3rd Nomination Night, you can find it HERE.

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