PBB Celebrity Edition 2 extended until January 05, 2008

Pinoy Big Brother indeed never fails to surprise everyone, as it announced just a while ago on primetime that the Big Night is moved to January 05, 2008.

The Big Night was supposed to be December 22, 2007 and with this new development, the housemates will spend Christmas and New Year inside the Big Brother house.

Wow, that's one great challenge for all the housemates.

That is also the reason why Kuya also doubled all the prizes at stake for the Big 4. The Big winner, who was supposed to win a million pesos, will now win 2 million pesos, aside from the condominium unit, a business franchise and Sony Bravia.

If I were a housemate, I'd definitely go for it.

The housemates were shocked at first, but in the end, they've all decided to continue their stints and vie for the big prizes.

Maybe the newly evicted Ethel and Mcoy might have known now these new announcements and they might really regret their decision to leave the Big Brother house.

As for the celebrity houseguest Mariel Rodriguez, her stay inside the house was also stretched for a longer time. Probably, PBB has not found a better replacement yet for Mariel.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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