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Razib Ahmed of SouthAsiaBiz has listed 100 things you should know about Miss World 2007 and the Miss World in its entirety.

See the list.

1. The final competition of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant will be held on 1st of December 2007.
2. Miss World 2007 is the 57th Miss World final.
3. The competition will take place at the Crown of Beauty Theater, Sanya in China.
4. This is the fourth time, Sanya will host the competition as it was the host of Miss World final competition from 2003-2005.
5. 106 contestants from 106 countries will be competing for the most sought after crown of Miss World beauty pageant.
6. Participants of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant are from five regions- Europe, Africa, Americas, Caribbean and Asian &Oceania.
7. Among the Miss World 2007 contestants, almost half of them are from Europe. 46 competitors came to China to take part in the Miss World 2007 beauty pageant from Europe.
8. 14 competitors are from Africa, 19 are from Americas, 11 are from Caribbean and 16 are from Asia and Oceania.
9. Miss World 2007 includes five fast track events. These are- Beach Beauty, Talent, Sport, Beauty with a Purpose and Top Model.
10. The winners of these five fast track events will automatically qualify to the semi final of the competition.
11. At first, the beach beauty event takes place. This is a swimsuit competition.
12. Beach Beauty event was first introduced in 2003 competition where the eventual Miss World 2003 winner Rosanna Davison won the Beach Beauty title.
13. Miss World 2007 Beach Beauty has already been selected. The event took place at the Crowne Plaza Resort, Sanya on 10 November 2007.
14. Ada Aimee de la Cruz from Dominican Republic has won the Miss World 2007 Beach Beauty title. Other top five finalists are – first runner up Yendi Phillips from Jamaica, second runner up Eilin Zi Lin Zhang from China, Jurgita Jurkuté from Lithuania and Mexican Carolina Morán Gordillo.
15. Miss World 2007 Sport has also been selected. The event was held at the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel on Yalong Bay in Sany on 14 November 2007.
16. Miss World Sports event was started from 2003 but in 2005 this event was not held.
17. This year the Miss World Sports Champion award goes to Miss World USA Abigail "Abby" McCary.
18. The runner ups are first runner up Miss World Scotland 2007 Nieve Jennings followed by second runner up Annie Oliv from Sweden. Miss Wales Kelly-Louise Pesticcio became the third runner up in Miss World 2007 Sports event.
19. Miss World 2007 Top Model event took place at the Dynasties Fashion Show in Sanya on 24 November 2007.
20. Miss China World 2007 Eilin Zi Lin Zhang has been awarded the Miss World Top Model title this year.
21. The two runner ups of Miss World 2007 Top Model are first runner up Miss Puerto Rico Jennifer Guevara Campos and second runner up Carolina Morán Gordillo from Mexico.
22. Miss World 2007 Beauty With A Purpose event will take place during the Miss World 2007 final competition on 1st of December.
23. Five contestants have already been selected for this competition. They are Valeska Saab from Ecuador, Kayi Cheung from Hong Kong, Kamidia Radisti from Indonesia, Yendi Phillips from Jamaica and Annie Oliv from Sweden.
24. Miss World Top Model event was first held in Miss World 2004 competition. However, this event was not held in 2005 and 2006 competitions.
25. Miss World Talent is another fast track event where the participants show their singing, dancing, poetry etc. talents before the judges. The winner of this title also gets into the semi final round final competition.
26. Miss World 2007 Talent event is yet to be held.
27. This event was first introduced in Miss World 2003 beauty pageant.
28. Tatana Kucharova from Czech Republic currently holds the Miss World title as she won the Miss World 2006 title.
29. She was a high school student when she won the Miss World 2006 title.
30. Personal motto of Tatana Kucharova is "Always be an optimist.”
31. Zi Lin Zhang will represent host China in the competition.
32. Gordana Tomic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tajana Jeremic from Croatia, Candace Charles from Guyana and Giada Wiltshire from Italy are just 17 years old who will take part in the Miss World 2007 competition.
33. However, 16 year old Stephanie Maria Dods is the youngest contestants of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant.
34. Four contestants of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant are 25 years old. They are Christine Reiler from Austria, Rebecca Parchment from Cayman Islands, Line Kruuse from Denmark and Abigail McCary from United States.
35. Beauty therapist Georgia Faye Horsley will take part in Miss World 2007 beauty pageant representing England in the competition.
36. Media Professional Sarah-Jane Dias will represent India in Miss World 2007 competition.
37. She is a model from Mumbai.
38. Sarah-Jane Dias has already worked as a VJ to Channel V.
39. She has appeared in a movie named “Brides Wanted” (2006).
40. In Femina Miss India World 2007 beauty pageant, Sarah-Jane Dias impressed the judges with her answer to the question “If you had to convince a rural woman to participate in the Miss India contest, how would you do it?”
41. Her answer was “I would first remind her that she has every right to such privileges as a Miss India would have. If she wins she could go back to her village and the improvement she would bring about would make the achievement of the pageant irreplaceable.”
42. Abigail "Abby" McCary will represent United States in Miss World 2007 beauty pageant.
43. Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Chinese Taipei, Guernsey, Malawi, Msinska, Switzerland and U.S. Virgin Islands have withdrawn their participation from Miss World 2007 competition.
44. Angola, France, Lebanon, Russia, South Africa, and Spain have sent the same contestants to both Miss Universe 2007 and Miss World 2007 competitions.
45. Albenia, Belarus, Curaco, Latvia and Vietnam have replaced their participants for Miss World 2007 beauty pageant.
46. As Miss Japan won the Miss Universe 2007 title, Rui Watanabe who will represent Japan in Miss World 2007, will bear the expectations of Japanese people.
47. Miss World 2007 participants are now promoting for the Beijing Olympic 2008.
48. All of the 106 participants of Miss World 2007 competition have recently given their voice to the English version of official song for Olympic Torch Relay.
49. The song titled “Light the Passion, Share the Dream” will be used to promote the upcoming Beijing Olympic 2008.
50. The contestants of the Miss World 2007 have also taken pat to the music video of that song. The song is set to be launched officially during final competition of Miss World 2007 on 1 December 2007.
51. Recently, Miss World 2007 contestants have visited the Great Wall of China.
52. Miss World 2007 participants along with Red Cross Society in China are raising funds across the country with a view to setting up 106 health care centers in China.
53. The contestants have recently attended a charity evening organized for fund raising. Over $5.5 million have been raised during the competition.
54. All the participants of this competition have recently made a trip to the Beijing Olympic 2008 site.
55. They visited the outdoor and indoor stadiums of Beijing Olympic 2008.
56. The competitors have also visited the Pulanna natural herbal cosmetics and pharmaceutical factory, near to Tianjin.
57. Miss Hong Kong China World 2007, Ka Ki Cheung has celebrated her birthday at the Pulanna natural herbal cosmetics and pharmaceutical factory.
58. During their visit, a donation program was held for the orphans and children with disabilities in Tianjin.
59. The beautiful girls also visited the Sanya City Pearl Museum on 16 November.
60. Besides experiencing the pearls and jewelries, Miss World 2007 contestants also learned how to produce pearls. Moreover, they got a chance to buy jewelries at an attractive price.
61. Miss World 2006 Tatana Kucharova reached at Sanya on 9 November 2007.
62. At the same day, a dinner party was arranged in order to introduce the 106 Miss World 2007 participants to China.
63. The contestants wore different colorful dresses with smiling face at that introducing evening.
64. India and Venezuela have won Miss World titles for highest five times each.
65. Participants from United Kingdom won the titles for four times whereas Iceland, Jamaica and Sweden won the title thrice.
66. In terms of continent, Europe is the most successful continent winning the title of Miss World for 24 times followed by Americas with 13 titles. Asia-Pacific won eight titles whereas Caribbean won 7 and Africa won 4 titles so far.
67. Miss World is one of the three major beauty pageants available in the world along with Miss Universe and Miss Earth.
68. The final competition of Miss World is expected to broadcast in over 200 countries and over two billion people watch the event live in television. Thus, Miss World final competition has become one of the largest live television event in the world.
69. According to tradition of Miss World, the winner of the competition lives in London for one year. She also travels across the world to represent Miss World Organization in various activities.
70. Miss World Organization organizes the Miss World competition.
71. Eric Douglas Morley founded the Miss World competition in 1951.
72. Morley initiated Miss World beauty pageant primarily thinking off the promotion of the Mecca, the company where he was employed that time.
73. His wife Julia Morley was involved in Miss World beauty pageant in 1968.
74. After the death of Eric Douglas Morley, his wife Julia Morley became the president and chairperson of Miss World, Limited. She is also the event organizer of Miss World beauty pageant.
75. Julia Morley will be one of the seven judges of Miss World 2007 competition.
76. Miss World 1975 Wilnelia Merced Forsyth from Puerto Rico will be seen as one of the judges of Miss World 2007.
77. The other judges of Miss World 2007 are Martin Kemp, Duncan James, Annabel Croft, and Ben de Lisi. All of them have sheer talent in their respective fields and most of them are from entertainment world.
78. So far, Miss World Organization has collected £250 million for children’s charities.
79. Kerstin "Kiki" Hakansson from Sweden won the first Miss World title in 1951.
80. Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga from Venezuela was the first Miss World winner from South America region. She won the title in 1955.
81. Antigone Costanda from Egypt won the Miss World 1954 title becoming the first Miss World winner from Africa.
82. Reita Faria (later Dr. Reita Faria Powell) was the first Indian to win the title of Miss World. She won the title in 1966.
83. India’s current Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan won the Miss World 1994 title becoming the second Indian to have won this title. Later on Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey and Priyanka Chopra have won Miss World title for India.
84. India got both Miss World and Miss Universe titles in the same year for two times. In 1994, Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai and in 2000, Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra won the Miss Universe and Miss World titles respectively. France, Australia and Venezuela have same distinction once in the history.
85. Miss World 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai is the only Miss World title holder who has wax statue at Madam Tussads Wax Museum and was named in the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the world.
86. Agbani Darego from Nigeria has become the first African black winner of Miss World. She won the title of Miss World 2001.
87. Marjorie Wallace is the first Miss World title winner from United States. She won the Miss World 1973 title.
88. Lynda Carter (USA, semi-finalist, 1972) and Maggie Cheung (Hong Kong, semi-finalist, 1983) have made successful acting career.
89. People from anywhere in the world could vote for the participants of Miss World 2004 beauty pageant. It was the first instance of such incident.
90. The first title holder of Miss World beauty pageant, Kerstin Hakansson has another remarkable record. She hold the crown for highest 475 days (almost 16 months). This Swedish won the title in 1951 competition.
91. Michelle McLean from Namibia was one of the finalists of Miss World 1991. The very next year, she won the Miss Universe title of 1992.
92. Both Australia and India have an excellent achievement in the history of beauty pageant. Both the country won three major beauty pageants- Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Asia Pacific- in the same year. Australia achieved this distinction in 1972 whereas India won the three titles in 2000.
93. There are several former Miss World participants who later appeared in James Bond movies. Some of them even made their appearance as Bond girls. Some of them are Halle Berry (USA, finalist 1986), Michelle Yeoh (Malaysia, 1983), Eva Rueber-Staier (Austria, Miss World 1969) etc.
94. South Africa was out of Miss World beauty pageant from 1978 to 1990 because of political reasons.
95. Helen Elizabeth Morgan from United Kingdom initially won the Miss World 1974 title. However, after four days of the competition held, she resigned as it was found that she was a single mother. Later on the title was awarded to Anneline Kriel from South Africa.
96. Such an incident also occurred in 1980 Miss World competition. Gabriela Brum from Germany was initially declared the winner of the competition. However, after few days, it was discovered that she had given a naked shot for a magazine. Then the titled was given to Kimberley Santos from Guam.
97. The first Miss World 1951 was held at the Lyceum Theatre, London, U.K.
98. During the Miss World 1970 beauty pageant at London's Royal Albert Hall, feminist protesters threw flour bombs.
99. Ahead of the Miss World 2002 beauty pageant, several participants boycotted the competition in order to show their protest against a court sentence over an adultery case of a Nigerian woman named Amina.
100. Miss World 1996 beauty pageant was held at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium cricket stadium, Bangalore in India. Organizers experienced a huge protest against the competition during the competition.

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