Miss Earth 2007 Live Results

Live Blogging: Miss Earth 2007
November 11, 2007
Straight from the University of the Philippines Theater
Manila, Philippines

7:47 PM Pre-pageant preparations; Korean delegation fills up the majority of UP Theater, complete with flags, national costumes and banners supporting Miss Korea Ji Eun Yoo. Is it a sign that Korea will be one of the finalists? or possibly win the crown?

I can remember during Miss Earth 2005, when the venue then was crowded with Chilean contingent. Good enough, Miss Chile ended up as one of the Top 8 finalists.

There are two wide screens on both sides of the stage. The stage's background is adorned with synthetic bamboos, and with glowing lights in it.

8:23 Miss Earth 2007 pageant night officially starts via an opening dance number of the 88 stunning delegates. They danced to the tune of Miss Earth's official theme song "Woman of the Earth", but this time with different versions: Spanish, Chinese, English and Tagalog. The candidates are wearing skintight jeans, with colors blue, yellow, red and white. Wow, the appreciative audience are screaming so loud. Now, you can clearly identify which ones are the Filipinos, and which ones are not.

8:33 The night's hosts are MTV Asia VJ Utt and Miss Earth 2004, Brazilian beauty Priscilla Meirelles. Backstage anchorwoman is Ginger Conejero, Miss Philippines-Air 2006 and TV Patrol World reporter.

VJ Utt is so attractive, matching the beauty of Priscilla. He has a lively style of hosting.

8:47 The candidates parade in their swimsuits.

8:50 It's time to hand out special awards. First off is Miss Friendship and she's Miss Lebanon, Amale Al Khoder. Wow, that's a bit surprising. Good for Lebanon.

8:53 More awards.
Miss Photogenic is Miss Philippines, Jeanne Angeles Harn
Miss Talent is Lithuania - Monika Baliunaite
Best in National Costume - Thailand, Jiraporn Sing ieam
Best in Long Gown - Venezuela, Silvana Santaella
Best in Swimsuit - Venezuela, Silvana Santaella

It surprised me that Philippines is Miss Photogenic. With that, I guess, Philippines is the country with the highest number of Miss Photogenic awards, including those given in Miss Universe. In Miss Earth's 7 years of existence, it's the 2nd time that Philippines won the said award. The only difference is that, in Miss Universe, it's determined via online votes while in Miss Earth, photographers choose the winner.

Lithuania's victory as Miss Talent is expected. For Thailand, it's okay.

Venezuela is obviously one of the Top 16 semi-finalists with those two major awards.

9:00 Introduction of the judges which include notable personalities like actress Dawn Zulueta, Miss World 1973 1st Runner Up Evangeline Pascual and a lot more.

9:11 Announcement of the Top 16: (in random order)
• Peru, Odilia Pamela García
• Martinique, Elodie Dolor
• Spain, Ángela Gomez Duran
• Georgia, Nanka Mamasakhlisi
• India, Pooja Chitgopekar
• Nigeria, Stacey Garvy
• Switzerland, Stephanie Gossweiler
• Romania, Alina Gheorge
• Venezuela, Silvana Santaella
• Czech Republic, Eva Čerešňáková
• Thailand, Jiraporn Sing ieam
• South Africa, Bokang Montjane
• Lebanon, Amale Al Khoder
• Sweden, Ivana Gagula
• Canada, Jessica Trisko
• Dominican Republic, Themys Febriel

Wow, can't believe it.

Top favorites, speaking of the mega favorites, such as Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Poland, Guatemala, Colombia and USA are nowhere to be found. However, with the exception of Lebanon, South Africa, Switzerland and Nigeria, the rest of Top 16 semi-finalists called on stage can be found in Mykiru's Final List of Hot Favorites.

Liberia thought she was one of the Top 16 semi-finalists. She mistakenly heard Liberia instead of Nigeria.

It's over for Poland's 4-year streak.

Just like in Miss Universe, when Philippines wins a Miss Photogenic award, it's most likely she'll miss the finals. I never thought it could happen in Miss Earth.

But it's good thing that with the exception of Oceania, all other continents are well-represented.

And also, notice that 10 of the 16 semi-finalists came from Group 2, the group of candidates who went to Vietnam: Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, India, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Venezuela. BIG MISSES such as Brazil, Korea, Ukraine, Philippines, Vietnam and USA or Colombia were also Group 2 members.

9:28 Okay, we must all move on. The Top 16 semi-finalists are now up for the swimsuit competition, with a little drama. Filipino dancer and actor Thou Reyes had a special participation doin' something weird that only he can understand. Great swimsuit performances for Peru, India, Venezuela and Thailand who were four of the Top 15 swimsuit finalists named a week ago. Spain and Georgia also did well.

9:38 Delegations of some candidates walked out of the venue, mostly Koreans. What a sad history for Miss Earth. Miss Korea is rumored crying back stage.

9:50 And the Top 8 finalists are: (not in particular oder)
• Georgia, Nanka Mamasakhlisi
• Peru, Odilia Pamela García
• Canada, Jessica Trisko
• India, Pooja Chitgopekar
• Switzerland, Stephanie Gossweiler
• Venezuela, Silvana Santaella
• Thailand, Jiraporn Sing ieam
• Spain, Ángela Gomez Duran

Obviously, no one from the African and Caribbean continents made it to the Top 8.

10:01 The Top 8 finalists sporting a modern Filipiniana attire for the 2nd round of the competition. Of course, Venezuela did great. Same goes for Spain, Peru and Canada.

10:13 Environmental/Casual Question and Answer Portion. Georgia was first to answer. She gave a long answer, but with conviction and confidence. Peru is next, then Canada who gave a good answer. India follows, with a well-said response.

10:20 Q & A for the 4 other finalists. Venezuela's translator had a hard time doing the translation. Same goes for Thailand. OMG, what's happening to Miss Earth. I thought they already corrected this one. VJ Utt, the host, who is Thai, helped in the translation of Miss Thailand's answer.

10:47 Long Gown or Evening Gown Competition with a neophyte singer named Richard Poon serenading the Top 8 finalists. Richard is the lead vocalist of the band U-Turn. He has a great voice, singing a medley of beautiful songs.

The candidates who I think had the best performance in their evening gown were Spain, Thailand, Venezuela and Canada.

11:09 Miss Earth 2006, Chilean Hil Hernandez's farewell walk

11:19 And now for the Top 4 finalists (in random order): Starting off with Miss India, Pooja Chitgopekar followed by Miss Spain Ángela Gomez Duran, then Miss Venezuela Silvana Santaella, and finally, Miss Canada Jessica Trisko.

It's three years in a row for Venezuela to make it to the Top 4 while 2 consecutive years for India. It's a first for both Spain and Canada. It's actually Canada's first time to place in Miss Earth.

11:30 Time for the Final Interview portion. The final question is "How will you describe the beauty of Mother Nature to a blind child?"

MISS SPAIN: "To a blind child, I would explain the wonderful things of feeling, smelling. I will take him to places where he could hear the sound of the river flowing. If there's such wonderful thing that could heal them, if we want other people to heal them too, and they will grow as human beings and make the world a better place."

MISS INDIA: "I will take the blind child's hands in mine and I would like him, Mother Earth and its color to different emotions. I would describe the green of the trees to a different feeling that I may feel from being green symbolizes happiness. I would describe the red of the sunset to love, and the blue of the ocean....Salamat po, Philippines."

MISS VENEZUELA: "I will make him simply lie down, feel the Earth, trunks and the trees, feel love simply by being one with nature."

MISS CANADA: "I will say that the beauty of Mother Nature smells as sweet as rose, that the beauty of Mother Nature feels as soft as leaves, that the beauty of Mother Nature sings like a bird in the trees."

India and Canada gave the best answer. Very impressive. Well-applauded. India was supposed to answer more, but due to the warm applause by the audience, she just ended her speech immediately by saying "Salamat Po" Philippines. (Thank You, Philippines!)

11:42 One very important award is to be given, the Beauty for a Cause Award.
And there she is, Miss South Africa Bokang Montjane wins the Beauty for a Cause award. She was also one of the 16 semi-finalists. She won $5,000. Oh wow, that's pretty something!

11:46 Ready for the final results?
Miss Fire (4th Runner Up) - Miss Spain Ángela Gomez Duran,
Miss Water (3rd Runner Up) - Miss Venezuela Silvana Santaella
Miss Air (2nd Runner Up) - Miss India, Pooja Chitgopekar

The announcement was not suspenseful, no excitement. It was a dull crowning moment.

11:50 Finally, the show is over. Congratulations to the winners! Canada deserves to be Miss Earth 2007.

See you on Miss Earth 2008. Thank you for staying. Good night.

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