Human Tetris, one crazy game in Japan


I saw this one episode of Nuts Entertainment last month wherein Ehra Madrigal and Iwa Moto were playing human tetris. I thought it was the show's original concept until I found out that it originated in Japan. It's simply not just a game in Japan, but a main attraction in a Japanese game show entitled Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshita.

The game conducted by Nuts Entertainment wasn't funny at all, but if you watch the original game in Japan, it's actually one crazy, hilarious game you can't stop watching. As Filipinos would put it, it's a game na "nakakaloko".

Watch Japanese Human Tetris (also called Hole in the Wall)

Filipino version

Not only Philippines was able to make a rip-off of the game. Big Brother Australia also did their own version of Human Tetris during its 3rd season and just like in Philippines' Nuts Entertainment, viewers didn't find it funny at all.

Also in Italy, one Italian network has a local version of Human Tetris with girls in their bikini as contestants.

Nothing beats the original, as they say.

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