Mariel Rodriguez as 'It's Showtime' judge

Mariel Rodriguez is one of the week's judges on ABS-CBN's 'It's Showtime'. And it's either you love it or hate it.

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Love it because, you missed her on ABS-CBN, and you're glad to see her again, especially in a Kapamilya noontime variety show. This marks the first time that she appeared on 'It's Showtime', after she left for TV5 to join Willie Revillame. For a while, Willie's show and 'Showtime' along with GMA 7's 'Eat Bulaga!' battled against each other in the noontime timeslot.

Hate it because, you're still hurting over her past decision, to leave ABS-CBN for TV5 and be with Willie in a show. And now she's back, after she went jobless in the other station.

It was like Mariel is telling us, "Hey guys! I'm here. I still exist."

So okay. I think the viewers in general are happy that she's back, at least for a week, on ABS-CBN to be a judge on 'It's Showtime' along with singer Hajji Alejandro.

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She's lookin' great, and still has the bubbly personality that endeared her to the Kapamilya viewers. I'm sure many would love to see her again hosting for Pinoy Big Brother, which is currently now on its 5th season and for the first time, without her as one of the hosts. Will she be guesting there? Not a bad idea.

I just wish not to see her again when Willie Revillame returns to TV5 reportedly to host a new game show (said to be the revival of 'Kwarta o Kahon').

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