'The Legal Wife' Finale: Did you like the ending?

'The Legal Wife' Finale has just been aired. What happened to the characters of Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, Jericho Rosales and even JC De Vera?

Viewers' reactions for 'The Legal Wife' finale episode are mixed. While many praised the ending for its very realistic approach, many got disappointed, of course, 'coz it's not how they wanted it to end.

Personally, I wanted Monica (Angel Locsin) to end up with anyone else except for Adrian (Jericho Rosales). But the finale implied that she and Adrian might end up together again.

The finale scene, which lasted for so long, I guess 10 minutes, showed Monica and Adrian saying goodbyes to each other, as Monica will be moving to the US.

She returned her rings to Adrian, and told him, "Ingatan mo 'yan ha? Baka sakaling sa pagdating ng panahon, maisipan mong isuot uli sa kin 'yan."

That just means Monica is giving Adrian another chance, and hoping to reunite with him again.

The last scene was actually open-ended: Monica walked away from Adrian and then she looked back. The End. Did she change her mind and decide to stay?

Looks like there could be 'The Legal Wife' Part 2 basing on that end. It was not that clear as well what really happened to Nicole (Maja Salvador) and Max (JC de Vera), though Nicole was shown in the early part of the finale episode asking forgiveness from Monica and reconciling with her father (Mark Gil).

The writers of the show probably had no choice but to conform to the norms of the Philippine society, and end the show still being "family-oriented" despite the "immorality" theme it had.

It was so "bitin" I guess. After having millions of avid viewers and the craze it generated, I think we don't deserve such ending. But I appreciate that it didn't end the typical way in a Pinoy soap opera. No kidnapping, no brutal scenes, no wedding.

I congratulate ABS-CBN, the whole cast, the writers, all the people behind the show for this very realistic, well-acted, heavily successful teleserye. One of the best!

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