Angel Locsin FHM Record: Longest streak in FHM Sexiest Top 5

Angel Locsin may not have won again FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman title this 2014, but this 2-time Sexiest Woman has just achieved a record that could be hard to match.

And that is ranking in the Top 5 of the mag's annual list for 10 consecutive years now, the longest streak for any Pinay celebrity.

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Angel, who will soon be playing Darna again in a movie, is the only one who made it to the Top 5 for 10 years in a row. And in those 10 years, she was hailed the #1 Sexiest twice, in 2005 and in 2010.

She started appearing in FHM Sexiest Top 5 in 2005, the year she was crowned FHM Sexiest Woman the first time, and continued until the recent list released by FHM Philippines yesterday. And so far, no other woman is coming so close in achieving that rare feat. Marian Rivera is 3 years behind Angel, now in her 7th consecutive year in the Top 5, though in those 7 years, she held the top position 3 times. But that's something very achievable for anyone, particularly Angel, and even Sam Pinto, who need just one more time as FHM Sexiest Woman winner to be able to match Marian's 3-time record.

Here's how Angel Locsin ranks in the Top 5 of FHM 100 Sexiest the past 10 years:

2005 - #1
2006 - #3
2007 - #3
2008 - #4
2009 - #4
2010 - #1
2011 - #3
2012 - #2
2013 - #3
2014 - #3

It's been 15 years now since FHM Philippines started coming up with its 100 Sexiest Women list.

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  1. Lol.hey blogger,Mali Mali nmn conclusion mo.anu mas mhirap?ang magtop 1 o magmaintain sa top 5?based on your deduction 3 years n lng ni marian preho n cla angel top 5 for 10 consecutive years.kung achievable ang record ni Marian how come di makalusot Sam for 2 years or angel di mgawa magtop 1 kung cnasabe mong mdali lng?isip isip din pag my tym.I'm against your post not the artist!

  2. congrats angel locsin u are the sexiest women in the philipines, congrats sa channel 7 dhil palagi nilang pinopromote ang mga artist nila pra manalo sa mga voting category katulad ng fhm.