FIFA World Cup Results & Standings: Which teams have qualified for Round of 16?

FIFA World Cup Results from Brazil for today, June 23, 2014 (June 24 MLA Time), are posted below. On this day, matches for Group A and B have officially ended.

There were 4 matches, 2 each for Group A and B, but 3 of these matches weren't actually crucial, 'coz the teams involved either already advanced to the next stage (Round of 16) or already eliminated even before their 3rd and final match in Group Stage.

For Group A, the matches were: Cameroon vs Brazil held at the Estadio Nacional, in which the host team won (4-0) and Croatia vs Mexico at the Arena Pernambuco, 1-3.
Brazil and Mexico now secured their slots in the Top 16, while Cameroon and Croatia are now eliminated.

In Group B meanwhile, defending champion Spain finally won after 2 losses. They defeated Australia which was goal-less, as against their 3 goals during their match held at the Arena da Baixada. That win however was already useless, and won't change the fact that they're not moving to the next stage. But at least, as a consolation, they placed 3rd in this group.

The other match in Group B held at Arena de Sao Paulo was Netherlands vs Chile. The former won, 2-0, and finished group stage undefeated.

In Round of 16, it's now sure that Brazil will play against Chile, while Netherlands will face Mexico.

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As of today, 8 teams have already secured their slots in the "Round of 16" stage: Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Belgium.

While these 6 teams have been eliminated already: Cameroon, Croatia, Spain, Australia, England and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are still 18 teams that await their fate and will be competing for the remaining 8 slots in the Top 16, as the group stage is now down to its last 3 days: Ivory Coast (or Côte d'Ivoire), Japan, Greece, Italy, Uruguay, France, Ecuador, Switzerland, Honduras, Nigeria, Iran, Germany, USA, Ghana, Portugal, Algeria, Russia and South Korea.


As of last day of the group stage, there are 18 teams who have secured their slots in the Round of 16: Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Costa Rica, Uruguay, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany, Algeria and USA.

Already eliminated: Cameroon, Croatia, Spain, Australia, Côte d'Ivoire, Japan, Italy, England, Ecuador, Honduras, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Portugal, Ghana, Russia and South Korea.

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