Daniel Padilla calls Big Brother as "Mr. M"

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo went inside Pinoy Big Brother house, as shown on tonight's episode, June 24, 2014. After meeting the PBB All In housemates, the Teen King and Queen were called by Big Brother to the confession room, where Daniel Padilla suddenly called Kuya as "Mr. M", the name which everyone in showbiz calls ABS-CBN's Star Magic head Johnny Manahan.

Daniel and Kathryn with Mr. M (Photo credit to ‏@KATHNIELtweeeps)

Is Kuya Mr. M? And not Direk Laurenti Dyogi, as what has been rumored for a long time?

Kuya to Daniel: "Pwede kong ipakuha gamit mo."
Daniel: "Ay 'wag na po Mr.... ahh, Kuya pala, haha!"
Kathryn: "Hahaha, Mr. M?"

Daniel actually has just mistakenly called Big Brother as Mr. M, 'coz he's used to talking to the Star Magic head, but that didn't stop many viewers and netizens from concluding that Big Brother is indeed Mr. Johnny Manahan.

Well, everyone can jump into conclusion, but if Mr. M is indeed Big Brother, then they should have edited it out and won't be shown to us.

And they probably didn't edit it out so that people would no longer think that Direk Lauren is Big Brother.

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  1. BAGONG palaisipan para sa mga viewers.
    malalaman din ntin ag totoo kung sino tlga si Big Brother. pero sa conclusion ko parang si Mr. M nga. kasi halos lahat ng pbb stars naun hawak ni Mr. M.