ER Ejercito goes to church, watches movie in Naga City

Former Laguna Governor ER Ejercito made a rare appearance recently in the Pilgrim City of Naga. What was he doing there?

As I was enjoying one afternoon (around 4PM) at SM City Naga, cooling off inside the mall ('coz it's so hot outside), I suddenly saw a very familiar face at the mall's cinema ticket booth - actor politician Jorge Estregan aka ER Ejercito, who last month has stepped down as Laguna Governor after the COMELEC disqualified him for overspending during the 2013 election campaign.

The ex-governor was with 4 others, one of them is his wife Pagsanjan Mayor Maita Sanchez-Ejercito.

The group bought movie tickets priced P150.00 each for the new Tom Cruise movie "Edge of Tomorrow", 7:30 PM screening time, at Cinema 4.

He was easily recognized by other people, and many approached him to request for a photo. He nicely granted their requests, and even gamely posed for a selfie with some Bicolana ladies.

Since it was only 4PM, and the movie's start was 7:30 PM, they altogether walked away, probably to eat somewhere.

But I've learned later that ER Ejercito, his wife and their companions went to the city's Basilica Minore de Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia to hear mass. And then after that, they ate dinner, and the next time I saw him was at SM City Naga again past 7PM, buying a smoothie at one Juice Avenue branch. And another "picture taking" with the locals happened.

And when the time hits 730, they went up to SM Cinema 4 to watch "Edge of Tomorrow". (They actually entered the cinema at 7:38, 8 minutes late.)

Perhaps, ER was in Naga for a political or business matter, or it could be that he's just enjoying an ordinary life after he was ousted as Laguna Governor, and chose to visit Naga, the Pilgrim City and home of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia.

ER could be a big Tom Cruise fan that he couldn't let the day end without watching "Edge of Tomorrow", even if he can watch it in Laguna or even in Metro Manila where there are a bunch of highly-advanced and luxurious theaters.

I was just wondering why they all went to the cinema ticket booth, when just one of his "alalays" or companions is enough to buy tickets for all of them. And while going to the cinemas from the ground floor after buying a fruit juice, they didn't use the elevator, and instead use the escalator which exposed them more (though I kinda understand, since the escalator was nearer to Juice Avenue and to the mall's cinemas than the elevator.) And why was ER the one buying at Juice Avenue, when he can tell one of his men to do so?

But I must admit, I was glad to see ER Ejercito in person and he seems cool and nice. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Naga Sir!

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