PBB Nude Painting Challenge sparks controversy

PBB Nude Painting Challenge given by Big Brother to four housemates, namely Daniel Matsunaga, Jayme Jalandoni, Michele Gumabao and Ranty Portento, has already caught the attention of the MTRCB and even the Senate.

Yeah, it has become a national issue as the Philippines is about to celebrate its 116th Independence Day tomorrow, June 12, 2014.

While the painting challenge on Pinoy Big Brother All In had no connection to the Philippine Independence Day commemoration, many believe that someone's freedom of thought and religion has been violated by the show.

I know there are a bunch of national issues that are more relevant than this, but I actually get why the MTRCB and two lady senators, Nancy Binay and Pia Cayetano, entered the picture (MTRCB summoned ABS-CBN for a mandatory conference; the two Senators criticized the show for violating dignity and rights of women).

I think there was indeed something wrong with Kuya's challenge, asking the 4 housemates if they're willing to pose naked for an art painting, especially that it involved 2 female housemates and most especially, it seemed disrespectful to Jayme's religious beliefs. (Jayme shared to Kuya that doing the painting challenge would go against her religion.)

There are so many possible challenges, but why nude painting? I know it was just a test by Kuya and no such painting challenge would happen, but still, there seemed to be a violation on the part of Kuya, 'coz it appeared like he was forcing Jayme to accept the challenge, as shown in the June 4 episode.

On Twitter, there are some screen shots like this from the PBB All In 24/7 live stream showing the 4 housemates in skin-tone suit doing a practice for the painting challenge. (credit to @PBB_ALLINPH)

In the end however, they changed their mind and boldy said "NO" to do the painting-for-a-cause, which could have also given the housemates a bigger budget for the week.

Earlier today, June 11, a mandatory conference on the PBB painting challenge was already held at the MTRCB office, attended by show's producers, ABS-CBN execs, reps from the Philippine Commission on Women and Ateneo Human Rights Center.

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