Mr. World 2014 winner is Mister Denmark Nicklas Pedersen

Mr. World 2014 winner is Nicklas Pedersen, a 24-year-old carpenter from Denmark, beating 45 other handsome candidates. His runners up were Mr. Nigeria Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese and Mr. Mexico Jose Pablo Minor, both actors in their respective countries.

Mister World 2014 Nicklas Pedersen (credit to MWO)

I'm actually surprised that Mr. Denmark won. There are other contestants who fit more the Mr. World description of being "the world's most desirable man", such as Mr. Argentina Jose Ferrer Santillan and Mr. Philippines John Spainhour, who shockingly failed to make it to the Top 10. Whyyyyyy?? Thanks, that the other big favorites, Mr. Mexico Jose Pablo Minor, Mr. Puerto Rico Alberto Horacio Martines Kezner and Mr. Netherlands Demian Overduijn, were all called as semi-finalists, with Mexico even finishing as 2nd Runner Up.

I think Nicklas won because of his over-all personality. Watched the live stream of the event held in London earlier, and I think he did shine during the finals. He nailed the interview, talking about his father who died of cancer when he was only 2 years old. (In perfect timing, the finale was held on Father's Day).

I want his blue eyes by the way.

But still, it's a big shock that Mr. Philippines John Spainhour, who's even deemed stronger and a bigger favorite than Mr. Philippines 2012 Andrew Wolff who finished 1st Runner Up in Mr. World that year, didn't even manage to enter as a semi-finalist. Did it hurt that the current Miss World titleholder Megan Young is from the Philippines, and they no longer want one from the same country for Mr. World?

via @johnspainhour

In his Facebook Page, John posted that he feels so bad for not being one of the Top 10: "I feel so bad I didn't make top ten... Because they didn't. Even pick Aden, aka Mr World - Poland Levine for top ten and he is the best dancers here. (Not to mention all the other stuff Aden Levine did)"

Despite John's loss, Pinoys still enjoyed a proud moment over Megan being one of the hosts during the finale.


via Mr. World FB Page

Mr. World 2014 - Denmark, Nicklas Pedersen
1st Runner Up - Nigeria, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese
2nd Runner Up - Mexico, Jose Pablo Minor

Curacao, Zuemerik Clementino Richard Veeris
England, Jordan Paul Rhys Williams
India, Prateek Jain
Moldova, Valeriu Gutu
Netherlands, Demian Overduijn
Puerto Rico, Alberto Horacio Martínez Kezner
Ukraine, Bogdan Iusypchuk

Curacao (Mr. World Talent)
Netherlands (Multimedia Award)
Moldova (Mr. World Extreme Sports)
Denmark (Mr. World Sports)
Nigeria (Stylish Award)

It's Denmark's first ever winner and placement in Mr. World. Previous winner was Mr. Colombia Francisco Escobar.

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