NBA Finals 2014 Game 2 Live Score Update: Miami Heat vs SA Spurs

NBA Finals 2014 Game 2 happened at San Antonio Spurs' home court.

The San Antonio Spurs are making sure Miami Heat won't easily get a 3-peat. After winning Game 1, 95-110, the Spurs were bent on winning Game 2 to give them the extra boost in winning next games and eventually win the championship.

For the Miami Heat, they were confident that they're going to tie the series after Game 2, just like in the past 2 championships (versus Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012, against SA Spurs last year) where they also lost Game 1, but won Game 2, and later won the NBA championship title.

Game 2 was as exciting as Game 1. Scores after the 1st Quarter were even the same in both games: 19-26.

At the half of Game 2, scores were tied at 43, and the Spurs were leading just by 1 point after the 3rd Quarter.

9:22 left in the 4th Quarter, Miami Heat leading by 3, 83-80.

But scores tied at 85, 7:02 minutes remaining.

Heat's Lebron James hit the 30s at 6:09 of the 4th period, now with 32 points after scoring a 3-point shot. During Game 1, he had 25 points.

And after 2 free throws, Lebron now has 34 points, with only 5 minutes left. At this point, none from the Spurs have scored above 20 points.

But not until Spurs' Tony Parker made 3 points, 2:26 minutes remaining, making his total to 21 and put the Spurs on the lead by 1, 92-93.

After Heat's Chris Bosh made an amazing 3, Lebron hit 1 of 2 free throws and Dwyane Wade scored a 2, the Heat now leading by 5, 98-93, with only 9 seconds left and they're now close to winning Game 2.

Spurs attempted to close the gap. Manu Ginobili scored a 3 the moment the timer hits 0. But not enough.

Game 2 went to Miami Heat, 98-96. Series now tied, 1-1.

Lebron was the top performer of the game with 34 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists. This 34 is Lebron's highest in his last 9 games.

LeBron James makes a 3-point jumper (NBA photo)

1st Quarter - 19-26
2nd Quarter - 43-43
3rd Quarter - 77-78
4th Quarter - 98-96

Miami - 19 pts, 24 pts, 34 pts, 21 pts
San Antonio - 26 pts, 17 pts, 35 points, 18 pts

LeBron James - 35 pts
Chris Bosh - 18 pts
Dwyane Wade - 14 pts
Rashard Lewis - 14 pts
Ray Allen - 9 pts
Mario Chalmers - 5 pts
Chris Andersen - 3 pts

Tony Parker - 21 pts
Manu Ginobili - 19 pts
Tim Duncan - 18 pts
Danny Green - 9 pts
Kawhi Leonard - 9 pts
Patty Mills - 8 pts
Boris Diaw - 7 pts
Marco Belinelli - 3 pts
Tiago Splitter - 2 pts

Game 1: 95-110, Spurs lead series 1-0
Game 2: 98-96, Series now tied 1-1

Game 3 is scheduled on Tuesday, June 10, at Miami's home court (Wednesday, June 11 MLA Time).

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