Talking twin babies video on Youtube reaches 12 million views

The Youtube video of talking twin babies, Sam and Ren McEntee, continues to get more views since it was first uploaded in February 14 (Valentine's Day).

As of 12 noon today, the talking twin babies video now has more than 12 million views on Youtube.

I first heard of it on Bandila's newscast last Friday and anchor Julius Babao even imitated the twin babies by responding "tatatata" to co-anchor Ces Orena-Drilon.

Watch the funny video of the American twins talking to each other in a language that only them could understand:

The talking twin babies' video above is actually the part 2 video. The part 1 has lesser views, but it also reached millions, at almost 3 million hits as of this posting. Watch it.

The video was posted on Youtube by the twins' father Randy McEntee.

And just last Thursday, Sam and Ren already guested on the US show "Good Morning America".

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