McDo 'BF-GF' TV Commercial (TVC) pulled out!

McDonald's Philippines has pulled out its "BF-GF" TVC which features two cute kids (one boy, one girl).

McDo's decision to pull out its latest TV commercial came after the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) called for it to be banned from airing on TV allegedly because it's not teaching good values to Filipino kids when it comes to "courtship".

Watch the said McDo commercial...

I feel sad, coz I find it's so cute. And I see nothing wrong with it.

McDonald's Philippines actually copied the idea of that boyfriend-girlfriend TVC from McDonald's in India. Watch video below. The Philippine version is actually safer coz in the Indian "BF-GF" TVC, the little girl kissed the boy.

Video uploaded on Youtube by chestah2 and buzz2ube

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