Jan-Jan Incident Update: MTRCB releases new statement

The "Jan-Jan Incident" on Willing Willie last March 12, 2011 will take a lot of time to be resolved as far as the MTRCB is concerned.

According to its new statement released Thursday (April 14) for the hearing held last Tuesday (April 12), the Willie Revillame-owned Wil Productions will now be able to take part in upcoming proceedings as the MTRCB's Adjudication Committee has granted Wil Productions' Motion for Intervention.

Wil Productions is asked to submit a Position Paper on April 19 and a "Reply" by April 29.

The statement says that the Adjudication Committee will make a final decision on the case no later than May 29.

Here's the statement:

CASE UPDATEOn 12 April 2011, the Adjudication Committee granted the Motion for Intervention of Wil Productions. Wil Productions will now be able to participate in the proceedings.

To expedite the disposition of the case, and to afford all the parties the opportunity to fully present their arguments and evidence, the Adjudication Committee decided to dispense with the oral presentation of the evidence, and instead required them to simultaneously submit their written pleadings, and to attach all of the pieces of evidence to support their respective positions. The mutually agreed-upon dates of submission are as follows:

1. Position Paper on April 19, 2011; and
2. Reply on April 29, 2011.

After the submission of their respective Reply is, the Adjudication Committee will determine if a Clarificatory Hearing is necessary. If there is a need for one, then the case will be set for a Final Clarificatory Hearing. Otherwise, the Committee will just require the submission of a Final Memorandum from all of the parties.

Upon the submission of the Final Memorandum, the case shall be deemed submitted for resolution. The Adjudication Committee shall have thirty (30) days, from such submission, to render a Decision on the case.

While the Board is aware of the viewing public’s concern for a speedy resolution of the case, it is also bound to observe the process so that fair opportunity is given to all to be heard. Nevertheless, the Board will not tolerate any unnecessary delays.

Do you think MTRCB is taking too long to investigate on "Jan-Jan" case?

Willing Willie is set to return on April 25 after a 2-week self-imposed suspension.

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