Shamcey Supsup: What's with her name?

Shamcey Supsup who won as Binibining Pilipinas - Universe 2011 last Sunday is being talked about, not only because she won the title and she was an Architechture Board Exam topnotcher, but because of her unique-sounding name.

I'm already excited how her name will be pronounced when she competes in Miss Universe 2011 this September.

A lot of people on Twitter find her name cute, among them is Kapuso actress Maxene Magalona.

MaxeneMagalona: "Shamcey Supsup, guys?? How's everyone doing tonight? Hehe cute ng name niya. :)"

itwitKARL: "Shamcey Supsup ... soo cute name ... Hehe! i swear **no sarcasm ;"

marjSpeaks: "Ganda ni shamcey supsup!hehe..and I like her name"

agapitopham: "Shamcey Supsup . oh dba ganda ng name nya"

angsiedoodledei: "Aminin natin, Shamcey Supsup's name helped her win that crown. Oh and I can't wait for it to be pronounced internationally".

But for some people, such as stage actor Gabe Mercado, it's not the sound of the name, but the meaning of her surname is the one interesting for them.

gabemercado: "Shamcey Supsup. That's a memorable name right there, no?"

jpareyes: "Shamcey Supsup... Kind of a kinky p-rn name for a beauty queen... Haha..”

attyarj: "Bb.Pilipinas Univ. Shamcey Supsup's name is funny for us Rizalenos. shamse is the big spoon dat we use for cooking while supsup means s-ck."

rownacow: "Pasalamat na lang si Shamcey Supsup na hindi "Hiyas" ang first name niya".

camananquil: "Shamcey Supsup. Funny name you've got there but you are HAWT!"

sleeplessinkl: "Her name is Shamcey Supsup. I can just imagine the teasing she went thru as a child. 'Supsup' in Visayan dialect means 'to suck'."

cessvillarosa: "woah talaga bet din nla? Shamcey Supsup name ni teh! Winner ang Surname nya Supsup! Hahahaha :D"

Yeah sleeplessinkl is right. "Supsup" is a Visayan term for "to absorb" or "to suck it off", as defined by In Tagalog, "sipsip" or "sipsipin".

For sure, Shamcey knows that coz she's from GenSan.

In the Bicol Region, especially in Rinconada area (Venus Raj's hometown is part of it), we also use the term "supsup" to describe a baby's thumbsucking hobby, while we drink softdrinks through a straw, when eating "balut", also when we eat "susong bukid" (an edible freshwater snails) and of course, when doing a (you know)...nevermind!

Miss Universe owner Donald Trump for sure will like Shamcey (especially if he knows the meaning of her surname).

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