Justin Bieber shouted "Hello Manila!" in Malaysia concert

Justin Bieber reportedly shouted "Hello Manila!" during his Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia concert last April 21.

And of course, the Malaysians were reportedly so much upset by Bieber's greeting to them.

Malaysia and Manila are both located in Asia, which both start with "M" and both end with "a", but definitely so much different to be confused about and have them interchanged.

Did Justin Bieber really shout "Hello Manila!" to his Malaysian fans during his concert at the Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

If yes, where's the video which could very well serve as proof that Justin Bieber indeed shouted "Hello Manila"?

This Justin Bieber's supposed epic fail is already a headline on Pilipino Star Ngayon's edition today, but it wasn't indicated from where that piece of news came from. Obviously, it came from Twitter, where those terms made it as one of the trending topics in the Philippines.

Tracing back the terms "Justin Bieber Hello Manila" on Twitter, I can't find tweets coming from Malaysian people.

Of course, they would tweet their disappointment but unfortunately, there's none, except for this one:

KELAB_GAP: Justin Bieber Saya "Hello Manila" Bengong,ini Malaysia bukan Filipina

which according to Mindanaoan.com, it's "Justin Bieber says "Hello Manila" Stupid, this is Malaysia, not Philippines." when translated into English.

But how come no one else was able to tweet that?

There are a bunch of Justin Bieber videos on Youtube during his concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but sadly none of them could tell us that he indeed said that.

Here are two videos of Justin Bieber's performances during his Malaysia concert:

"One Less Lonely Girl" Performance

"Baby" Performance

News reports from Malaysia about the Bieber concert also didn't mention about him saying "Hello Manila".

Mykiru was able to confirm if it's indeed true from a Malaysian Facebook user named Vinccy Hsien Qi who was able to watch Bieber's concert live. And here's what she said to me: "Lol! Hii =) nope he say hello malaysia! Hu told u he said manila??"

After Malaysia, Justin Bieber staged a concert in Indonesia (just last night), then will do concert in 5 Australian cities this April 26th, 28th, 29th and from May 2-8th and also here in Manila on May 10 at the SM Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds.

Video uploads courtesy of TheMuaz28 and hotxpress1

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