Jan-Jan Suan's parents file libel case against John Silva, Froilan Grate & Dr. Carandang

Mr. Jojo aka Joe and wife Diana Suan, parents of Jan-Jan Suan from the controversial March 12 episode on "Willing Willie", have filed a libel case Wednesday morning, April 13, against three people who allegedly accused them of abusing their child.

Mr. & Mrs. Suan filed libel case against blogger John Silva, who blogs through johnsilva.blogspot.com, Froilan Grate, who initiated the Facebook Page "Para kay Jan-Jan (Shame on you Willie Revillame!)" and child psychologist Dra. Ma. Lourdes Carandang who happens to be the mother of Ricky Carandang, a former ABS-CBN news anchor and now a cabinet member of PNOY.

On the Facebook Page he administers, Froilan Grate has said that he's ready to face the libel charges. "A libel case was filed against me, John Silva and Dr. Carandang this morning. I believe their sole purpose is to scare us into silence. Are you scared? If standing up for the rights of a child is a crime, then I would gladly go to prison for it."

John Silva also posted comments in the said Facebook Page in connection with the libel case filed against him. "This was a clear move on the part of Ch 5. Last Friday, the channel said they would sue. Now they want the parents so it doesn't look like Manny Pangilinan is ganging up on us. Silly move."

He added, "INSIGHT: Manny Pangilinan can't seem to get things done on his own intelligence. He plagiarized from well known authors and now he's using Jan Jan's parents to do the dirty job. He insults our intelligence. We can see through this sh-t! On wards friends and expose this whole charade!"


John and Froilan are only after the welfare of Jan-Jan and in general, fighting for the rights of the children, but here they are being sued for it, and worse, by the child's own parents.

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