Pia Guanio on kissing photos scandal with Steve Mago: "I don't really care!"

Pia Guanio is allegedly the woman on kissing photos scandal which was posted on a blog last April 16.

The photos which were taken a day before show a woman kissing a man while inside a restaurant in Greenbelt 3.

Pia Guanio scandal

Pia Guanio new boyfriend

TV Personality (Pia Guanio) kissing new boyfriend (Steve Mago)

[Photos from Fashion PULIS!]

The blog actually didn't name names. It was presented as a blind item and was titled "Spotted Making Out in Greenbelt".

The only clues given were: the woman is a TV personality who recently ended her long-time relationship with another TV personality, while the guy in the kissing photos was described by the blogger as "hot hunk".

Entertainment website Pep.ph picked up that blog item and featured it on their website the next day. The article was titled "Blogsite shots show a "TV personality" kissing a "hot hunk" in a restaurant in Greenbelt 3. Can you guess who it is?"

And the guessing game results??? Pia Guanio and new boyfriend Steve Mago.

Now, Pep.ph has a new article published an hour ago that Pia Guanio has already reacted on the alleged kissing photos scandal while she and the rest of the Eat Bulaga! Dabarkads are in Vancouver, Canada now for a show there.

The great Allan Diones got the chance to interview Pia and she said that she doesn't care about the issue, she has nothing to explain and that she doesn't read those kind of blogs.

Here's what she said about the scandal photos:

"I don't really care because I try to stay away from those things.

"I'm sorry, pero hindi ako nagbabasa ng mga ganung blogs at ng iba pang online sites, so hindi ko pa talaga nakikita yung pictures.

"At saka I don't have naman to explain myself to anyone. I'm answerable only to myself, to my God, and to my bosses.

"My life is an open book, so hindi ako naba-bother sa mga ganung bagay.

"I don't owe anybody an explanation."

The blind item at Fashion PULIS! was posted a day after Pinoy Parazzi reported that Pia Guanio is reportedly getting married to a non-showbiz guy from Alabang named Steve Mago, that's why it wasn't so hard for people to guess who's the guy Pia was kissing with at Greenbelt.

But as early as February, Ethel Ramos of Malaya newspaper already named Steve Mago as Pia's new boyfriend.

Before Steve, Pia had a 7-year-relationship with her Eat Bulaga co-host Vic Sotto.

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  1. the photo's not even scandalous... why call it kissing scandal? let her be...