AJ Perez' girlfriend Steph Ayson spotted at AJ's wake in La Salle Green Hills Chapel

AJ Perez, who died yesterday, had left behind a girlfriend and she reportedly attended AJ' first night at La Salle Green Hills Chapel.

AJ Perez girlfriend Steph Ayson picture
Photo of AJ Perez and girlfriend Steph Ayson

Ogie Diaz tweeted today that AJ Perez' non-showbiz girlfriend was spotted at LSGH Chapel weeping for AJ's death.

He also added that according to AJ's mom, AJ had many gfs, but his longest relationship was with the said girl.

Yeah, she has every right to mourn for her boyfriend. She's definitely one of those who were deeply affected by AJ's death.

I got the picture above of AJ and his girlfriend on R.I.P AJ Perez Facebook Page and the said page identified the girl as Steph Ayson.

I was able to find Steph's Twitter account (@stephayson) and I saw this tweet of her which was poted hours after AJ died. "I LOVE YOU BABY @AJPEREZ17"

According to Steph, whose Twitter profile was previously set to private, she decided to open her Twitter to the public so she could share to everyone the AJ that she knows.

She also shared that she has always been AJ's fan since grade school.

Steph Ayson Twitter

Then minutes later, she shared this photo of him and AJ. So sweet!

AJ Perez Steph Ayson sweet photo

I also checked Steph's followers there and among them are (of course) boyfriend AJ Perez and AJ's former love team partner Lauren Young.

A newly-opened Facebook Page of Steph Ayson also has these pictures:

Steph Ayson picture

AJ and Steph

AJ and Steph at prom night

The first photo, which shows a cake with "Happy 11th Monthsary Dido" in it (Dido was AJ's character in "Sabel") would tell us that they just celebrated their 1st Anniversary, since Sabel was aired from Dec. 2010 to Mar. 2011.

[More photos of Steph HERE plus her TV Patrol interview]


By the way, Ogie also clarified on Twitter the real cause of AJ's death.

@ogiediaz: "ndi ang multiple head injury ang kumitil kay @ajperez17. Sa autopsy, tumusok ang ribs sa puso at left lung ni aj sa lakas ng impact."

He also announced that the public viewing of AJ's remains will be from 9 PM to 12 Midnight.

But this tweet of him caught my attention the most:

@ogiediaz: "Sa Dagupan kahapon, tsika ni Kitkat: "Alam mo, bagay ka sa Mula Sa Puso." Aj: "Oo nga eh. Sayang.Pareho pa kaming La Sallista ni Rico Yan."

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  1. Ang bata pa niya para mawala!!! rest in heaven kid

  2. sayang gwapo at bata pa xa namatay

  3. @stephayson @ajperez17 : What a lovely couple they would have been, it just so sad that one has to go too soon ;) @stepayson thank you for sharing ur beautiful love story to us ;)