Steph Ayson, AJ Perez' girlfriend, gets many Twitter followers

Steph Ayson, AJ Perez' girlfriend, has instantly become popular after she was reported attending AJ's wake Sunday night.

AJ Perez and Steph Ayson

Mykiru reported about Steph Ayson yesterday afternoon (read it HERE) and I'm surprised with how the readers were so much interested at Steph, and definitely most of them are sympathizing with her.

Steph was also featured in the newscast of TV Patrol later in the evening where she was shown on video crying at the wake.

Here are screenshots from TV Patrol's news report, where Steph was shown being consoled by Enrique Gil, AJ's fellow Gigger Boys member:

The last time I checked her Twitter profile was yesterday afternoon and she only had 2,000+ followers then, but upon checking it just now, at 1PM, she already has more than 15k followers. Yeah she was able to get more than 13k followers in less than a day.

If yesterday, I said that the only celebs who have followed her previously-private Twitter account are AJ Perez and Lauren Young, but now, more celebs are following it now, and that includes TV Patrol showbiz reporter/anchor Gretchen Fullido, Anne Curtis' sister Jasmine Smith and Giggerboys member Sam Concepcion.

Steph's latest tweet was a link to a photo of AJ during her graduation ball last March 19 along with this caption: "AJ has always looked like an angel":

A new Facebook Fan Page for Steph Ayson where the first 4 pictures above came from is also gettings lots of fans. As of this posting, it already has almost 10k LIKES.

Stephanie "Steph" Ayson is 17 years old and a fresh graduate from Miriam College High School (MCHS), where she was an active member of Sayawatha Dance Troupe.

Yeah just like AJ, Steph is also a great dancer.

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