AJ Perez' brother Gello to enter showbiz?

AJ Perez brother Angello or Gello spoke up about his Kuya on TV Patrol last night and recalled how AJ was as an older brother to him.

Gello Perez, AJ Perez brotherAccording to Gello, he will miss the time when Kuya AJ brought him to ASAP on ABS-CBN so he could see his idols, the Jabawokeez, and have a picture with them.

"Mga harutan namin, when he's not busy we also always play around. When he brought me sa 'ASAP' sa Jabawokeez, alam niya I was a fan, dinala niya ako sa stage para magpa-picture...I was really happy talaga, " Gello told TV Patrol.

Here's a photo of AJ, Gello, Giggerboys and the Jabbawokeez taken last September 2009:

Gello said that it's going to be hard for him to accept that his Kuya
AJ is gone, but he knows that AJ likes him to be strong in this difficult time.

Many people are taking note of the similarities between AJ Perez and Rico Yan, who also had a shocking death 9 years ago. And Gello shared that his brother really looked up to Rico Yan, "He wanted to follow in the footsteps of Rico Yan. It makes me proud that my brother touched so many lives, hearing their stories that he made everybody happy."

AJ and Gello were really close to each other. On Twitter, he was once asked if he's close to his brother, his answer was "Suuuuperrrr close :))"

AJ used to bring Gello on ABS-CBN and in his out-of-town shows as seen in some of the pictures below.

AJ Perez and brother Gello

AJ Perez brother

The two brothers were also supposed to watch Justin Bieber's Live in Manila concert this coming May 10.

And now, after that TV Patrol Interview, there's a clamor goin' on from some people who believe that Gello should continue AJ's showbiz dreams. Pwede!

Gello is also having a fanbase of his own. His Facebook Fan Page now has more than 5,000 likes and browsing at the wall posts, they will support Gello if ever he decides to enter showbiz. His Twitter account, which he hasn't updated yet since January, has more then 11k followers.

Gello Perez on Video, thanking the fans for supporting AJ, taken last December 2010:

Photos courtesy of Gello Perez Twitter Profile, almond_17 at PEX, geleena at Candymag.com, ajperez17.multiply.com, AJ Perez's Twitter account / Video upload courtesy of UAC17

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  1. the boy has his older brother's features. he will have a bright future if he stays close to good people in the business.

  2. sana kaw na lang gello ang pumalit sa kuya mo..........kc may talent ka rin naman diba

  3. hu hu hu alm k n khit nsa langit k n sana mabasa m man lang 2.alam nang lahat n kyong dalawang magkapatid ay may angking talino.....
    suggest lang sana nsng lht ng madlang pipol na sana c gello n lang ang pumalit sayo............

    hindi k namin makkalimutan;;;;;we luv u_ _ _

  4. ang ganda like k yan.............