Steph Ayson Photos, TV Patrol interview

Steph Ayson opens up on TV Patrol about her boyfriend AJ Perez, who recently died in an accident.

Steph got interviewed exclusively by TV Patrol's Gretchen Fullido during AJ's first night at La Salle Green Hills and there Steph revealed how their relationship started. According to her, she and AJ were batchmates in grade school.

She met AJ again while she was in 3rd year at Miriam College High School and AJ was also in his Junior Year at La Salle Green Hills.

"I've had a crush on him since grade school and we were batchmates... I met him again when I was in third year high school so doon na nag-start," Steph said in her TV Patrol interview.

"Nu'ng una, parang nayabangan ako sa kanya, inisip ko, 'Inaartehan ba ako nito?' Pero na-realize ko, that he's just very sincere and sweet."

And then she recalls how AJ was as a boyfriend and shares how she misses him a lot.
"There've been quite a number of complications regarding privacy, with regards to our relationship, but the good thing about AJ is that even though we, he kept it in the quiet, he made sure that I wouldn't feel that I was pushed aside, he really made me feel special.

"He really made me feel special in every way that he could, even his friends, by constantly texting me."

"I liked his optimism and capability to make people feel optimistic just as he is. And he's just very inspiring and sobrang determined niya."

"I'll miss the way he calls me every time may break sa taping. Sobrang kulit kasi niya, kahit text or call, or pati sa buong family ko.

"I miss having him around, I miss him constantly bugging me to be okay...I don't know how long it will take but i know with God's help and AJ's help, I'll be fine"


I got some photos of Steph, old pics of her but definitely new for us to see...


AJ Perez's longest bf-gf relationship was with Steph Ayson.

As what was revealed by AJ's mom the other day, AJ had many gfs before Steph.

Maybe that included those whom AJ had an "MU".

In a tabloid about 5 years ago when AJ was only starting in showbiz, he already revealed that at 13, he already had 2 MUs.

AJ's first MU was from Immaculate Concepcion Academy and the second one was from Saint Pedro Poveda College.

You're the man AJ!

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