AJ Perez and MMK, trending topics on Twitter

AJ Perez' MMK episode entitled "Tsinelas", his last MMK appearance, was certainly among the most-watched episodes of the Philippines' longest-running drama anthology program.

No rating figures yet, but the fact that AJ Perez and MMK were among the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter during its airing, not only in the Philippines but also worldwide, was enough proof that many people tuned in to watch AJ's last acting portrayal.

The hashtag #ajperezmmk was the first to trend at 8PM, and then "MMK" followed an hour later.

#ajperezmmk was the #1 trending topic in the Philippines (Yeah, it was #1. Ignore that promoted #NFLDraft term) and then the phrase "Watching MMK" also made it as a trending topic peaking at #6.

In the worldwide trends, #ajperezmmk peaked at #2 and then MMK ranked 8th.

#ajperezmmk was able to trend worldwide for 2 hours.

It's been a long time since a term or terms related to MMK trended worldwide on Twitter. I think the last time was during Coco Martin's MMK appearance in November6, 2010. Coco Martin, who played a star witness with a mental disability in that episode, was among Twitter's trending topics during that time.

AJ Perez' younger brother Gello was actively posting on Twitter via (@gelloperez) before and during the airing of AJ's MMK episode.

Before it aired, he tweeted: "Let's make my brother's mmk high rated! STAY TUNED! =)))"

And the moment #ajperezmmk made it as among the top trending topics, he immediately thanked the fans on behalf of the Perez family. "Thank you guys so much for making #ajperezmmk one of the popular topics in twitter!!!! The Perez family is sooo thankful! =)"

He later posted how proud he was for his Kuya. "So proud of my brother @ajperez17! He is such a great actor! #ajperezmmk."

Just like Gello, AJ Perez' girlfriend Steph Ayson also making tweets about AJ and his MMK episode:

@stephayson: "In the process of making MMK, AJ made me promise him I'd watch. He was so proud of his last work. I'm keeping my promise. #AJPEREZMMK"

@stephayson: "So proud of you. @ajperez17 #ajperezmmk"

@stephayson: "You're still very much alive to me. I hope you can feel how proud I am of you up there in heaven. @ajperez17 #ajperezmmk"

And then she later tweeted a photo of her and friend Raymond Canteras, who's also AJ's friend, classmate and basketball teammate at La Salle Green Hills. According to Steph, it was Raymond who introduced her to AJ.

@stephayson: The famous "common friend" who introduced me to AJ. Meet @raymondcanteras!!

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