AJ Perez Twitter Q&A 3 days before death

AJ Perez had this sort of a Question & Answer (Q&A) game on Twitter late night Wednesday / early morning last Thursday, 3 days before his untimely death.

AJ Perez photo

On his Twitter account @ajperez17, AJ Perez was so game in answering questions from his fans and Mykiru was one of those who got an answer from him.

He tweeted this first, "Starting tonight, I shall try my best to answer every question/tweet from you guys! :D game??"

Mykiru joined other fans in tweeting questions for AJ and this was my question for him:

And lucky me, AJ answered my question:

Though I was expecting another answer, the fact that he answered my question plus the "smiles" at the end of his answer were more than enough to make me happy.

Thanks AJ!

He was actually answering questions from his fans since then until Saturday night, hours before his death.

Here's a portion of AJ's Twitter Q & A with his fans: (I only picked the interesting ones. AJ's most interesting answer when he was asked how he sees himself 10 years from now.)

@vonyvonvon asked: "@ajperez17 are you thinking of changing your image soon? open for indie films or more matured roles?"
@ajperez17 replied: "Yup, very much open to doing indies. More interested with the artistic side of film making."

@Jenniecadayrit: "@ajperez17 what are your weaknesses and strengths?."
@ajperez17: "Strength: God. Weakness: Adobo Flakes.."

@tatzle: "@ajperez17 complete this: THE MOST DANGEROUS THING ABOUT ME IS..."
@ajperez17: "My killah smile... Haha! Joke lang :p"

@VjVerch: Kuya @ajperez17 sali ako haha, what is ur advice para sa mga gusto maging the Aj Perez :D ? I'll be honored if you answer my question :)"
@ajperez17: "Best advice? Hmmm... Just be yourself. Aspire to be what you want to be in life :)"

@rianneCHI: "@ajperez17 hi Aj, how old ang younger brother mo? :) close kayo? :D"
@ajperez17: "12. Suuuuperrrr close :))"

@AshDagli: "@ajperez17 kaklase mo b c albie casino or kabatch mo lng..?"
@ajperez17: "Kabatch and kabarkada. :)"

@ohhCarole: "@ajperez17 Marunong ka po magsalita ng bicol? Maray na banggi?"
@ajperez17: "Magandang gabi. Gamay lang. :)"

@iamchrissibucao: "@ajperez17 What's your favorite color and why?"
@ajperez17: "Green because it's the color of La Salle"

@SuperrDawn: "@ajperez17 possible po ba na mainlove ka sa isang fan?"
@ajperez17: "Anything's possible. ;) hahaha!"

@dianaramicu: "@ajperez17 diba dati mo pong loveteam si @loyoung (Lauren Young) sa abt ur love. :) kamusta na po kayo ngayon?"
@ajperez17: "Okay naman kami. Friends. :)"

@MayleneManzano: "@ajperez17 are you like in college now? if yes, where? if no, in what high school do you go to?"
@ajperez17: "Incoming DLSU freshman. :)"

@ritch143: "@ajperez17 what do you see yourself 10 years from now?"
@ajperez17: "10 years from now... 28 years old na ako. Hahaha joke lang! An accomplished actor."

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  1. oooohh!!! my god bakit ikaw pa idol!!!!!!!.......lov u aj u my rip!!!!!! napa iyak ako 2loy!!!!........

  2. Sayang! incoming DLSU freshman din ako. Sayang wala na akong chance maka-salubong ka man lang sa hallways. RIP AJ Perez. :|

  3. sna D N lng Ikw Ung Namatay My Iba Pa Nmng Tao Jan e will Be Miss U Aj Perez :'(