'Mutya' vs 'Captain Barbell' beginning March 21

Richard Gutierrez as 'Captain Barbell' will be up against 'Mutya' on Philippine Primetime beginning March 21.

'Captain Barbell' is airing earlier than planned to save GMA 7 from being completely drowned in the ratings by the strong force of ABS-CBN's 'Mutya', 'Mara Clara' and 'Imortal' plus the new soap 'Minsang Lang Kita Iibigin' which debuts tomorrow, March 7.

'Captain Barbell' will be replacing 'Machete' which starting last Friday was moved to a later timeslot and will already end on March 18, barely 2 months after it premiered last Jan. 24. (It's being axed allegedly because of poor ratings.)

But 'Captain Barbell' will not be taking over the timeslot of 'Machete' 'coz it will air right after '24 Oras' and will go against 'Mutya', which has successfully beaten 'Dwarfina' both in Mega Manila and Nationwide.

'Captain Barbell' might also be in competition with 'Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin', meaning it will be facing two rival shows.

Richard Gutierrez indeed is under pressure to help GMA 7 claim back its primetime supremacy, which was lost late January when ABS-CBN's 'Mara Clara' consistently topped the ratings chart.

So, what will be your choice starting March 21? Captain Barbell or Mutya?


It will be Richard's 2nd time to play as Captain Barbell on TV. The first time he portrayed the superhero role was in 2006 and the show was a top-rater.

Playing leading ladies to Chard in the new 'Captain Barbell' are Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, Michelle Madrigal and Isabel Oli.

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11 Comment(s):

  1. Again?! Wala na bang bago sa GMA?

  2. I like MUTYA

  3. captain barbell has been shown in tv for several times even they change some scene it will still be the same storyline.

  4. Of course Mutya, fresh and the story is superb.

  5. Si Mutya gusto ko kasi cute siya at ang galing ng batang yon.

  6. hay naku kkahit ano pa ang gawin ng gma 7 hindi mananalo ang mga artist nila kahit pa si richard nila na walang binatbat sa akting at puro pacute ang alam at malamya din kungmagsalita lalambot lambot...kahit ano pa gawin ng gma7 di mananalo sa abscbn na de kalidad ang mga artist nila at puro marunong umarte.

  7. I like Mutya...♥♥♥

  8. syempre mutya, super cute ni mutya eh...at mas refreshing ang story & location ;)

  9. ,,mas ako kay mutya,,,bagong mukha yet super galing wen it comes to her acting,,,ang cute nya kaya,,capt. barbel agin!!!!wala na ba clang bago???pare2has na mukha,,naka2sawa kya ang mukha at acting nila,,,

  10. Are they prepared now to face MUTYA? Poor GMA they're desperate now. Haha