Japan Earthquake 2011 Breaking News: A strong 8.9 earthquake hits Japan | (Updated) 900 killed, 700 missing | Tsunami caught on video

LATEST UPDATES: CNN reports more than 900 people dead, 800 still missing as of March 12, 6 PM.

The US National Weather Service alerted 50 countries including the Philippines for a tsunami last Friday.

Tsunami Alert Level 2 was issued by the Philippines' NDRRMC in 19 provinces. Some areas did experience small tsunami waves, between 6PM to 10:10PM Friday but only measured less than a meter.

As of 11 PM, the tsunami warning in the country was removed already.

The earthquake in Japan last March 11, 2011 is being said to be the strongest earthquake that struck the country. (Previously, the strongest in Japan was the 8.6 magnitude earthquake in October 28, 1707.)

japan+earthquake+2011+photos+pictures+imagesJapan was hit by a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake at 2:46PM Friday, March 11, 2011.

The earthquake struck the northeastern part of Japan and according to a report from Reauters, it caused many injuries, fires and even a 13-foot tsunami.

People there were already alerted for a possible 20-foot tsunami. Scary!

Watch two video reports of what happened in Japan....

And we, here in the Philippines, need to be alarmed as the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii has also issued a tsunami warning to other countries following that in Japan. Countries who have been issued with a tsunami warning are Guam, Taiwan, Indonesia, US State of Hawaii and the Philippines.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) here in the Philippines has already issued Tsunami Alert 2 warning to these provinces and are advised to be on alert of unusual waves:

Batanes Group of Islands
Ilocos Norte


Camarines Norte
Camarines Sur

Northern Samar
Eastern Samar

Southern Leyte

Surigao del Norte
Surigao del Sur

Davao Oriental
Davao del Sur

The above-mentioned provinces are alerted for a one-meter tsunami waves (shoulder-length) between 5 to 7 this afternoon.

NDRRMC officials advised the residents in those areas to go farther inland and prepare for possible evacuation.

This news is really alarming, because just last February 22, New Zealand was also hit by a strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake and killed 145 people as of Wednesday, including 1 Pinoy with 10 other Pinoys still missing.

Let's all pray for everyone's safety.

Videos courtesy of the Associated Press and AlJazeeraEnglish

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  1. Seismic activity is the result of a solar flare on 13-15 February 2011.
    The largest number of thermographs (Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras), to search for people under the rubble by fixing heat of the human body, have the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Мost of these cameras mounted on military equipment. Some quantity of IR cameras have their manufacturers in warehouses.
    Dubai can help to Japan more than any other. because in Dubai is concentrated 20% of construction equipment (mostly cranes) that may needed to clearing concrete rubble.
    Аdequate logistics for the delivery of this equipment has the U.S. Army and the operating companies of largest aircrafts An-124.

  2. Shocking everything that is happening in Japan.
    More videos: http://japan-earthquake-2011.blogspot.com

  3. grabe ang tindi!!!!!pray nlng po tayo!!!!!