Gerald Anderson trends on Twitter because he's bisexual?

Gerald Anderson has revealed he is bisexual, according to, a site that explains why a particular topic or term is trending on Twitter.

Gerald guested on 'The Buzz' earlier for a birthday treat and also an
early promo for his upcoming movie 'Catch Me...I'm in Love' with Sarah Geronimo.

And he immediately made it to Twitter's Top 10 Trending Topics worldwide.

But many fans of Gerald reacted on the description as to why he's trending on Twitter and it said that he has just revealed he is a

They were alarmed and wondered if Gerald indeed revealed that on The Buzz.

Twitter user @yetkl was able to capture it on his iphone the
description provided by

Blame it to Twitter user @Jayjayaitch 'coz he's the one who provided
the wrong description.

Upon checking the website, it now has a new (correct) description for
Gerald Anderson. It now says, "He is a well-known actor in the Philippines. He was interviewed in The Buzz by Boy Abunda. It's his
22nd birthday tomorrow and he has a new movie coming entitled Catch
Me...I'm in Love with Sarah Geronimo which comes out on March 23,

But I think he was trending because he admitted on The Buzz that Kim Chiu was his first love.

Gerald Anderson was trending for 2 hours, peaking at #6.

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