Rhian Ramos and DJ Mo Twister are exclusively dating | DJ Mo also courted Sam Pinto?

Rhian Ramos has revealed to TV5's Paparazzi yesterday the real score between her and DJ Mo Twister.

The Kapuso actress wasn't ready yet to confirm that DJ Mo is already her boyfriend, but Rhian admitted that she and Mo are exclusively dating.

She also revealed that Mo is most likely her date this Valentine's Day, however Mo posted this afternoon that it's the first time he'll have no date on a Valentine's Day.

So maybe, they'll have a date on another day.

That's actually not what I found most interesting on Paparazzi yesterday.

I'm more interested with how Sam Pinto enters the picture

DJ Mo, who's one of show's hosts, wasn't around yesterday and it was his close friend Hayden Kho who took over his place.

Hayden shared that about 2 years ago, there were many girls including Rhian who made "paramdam" to Mo and the latter chose Rhian because she's intelligent.

Immediately after what Kho said, host Cristy Fermin added something about what Mo told her about a girl. "Ay oo, may naikwento sya (Mo) noon tungkol sa isang magandang-magandang babae..."

But Ruffa Gutierrez interrupted and named the girl as Sam Pinto.

Cristy no longer continued what she was tryin' to say.

I think Cristy was tryin' to share about a beautiful girl whom Mo dated in the past but he got turned off 'coz she's not that smart. I'm not sure but that's I think what Cristy would like to say.

And Ruffa mentioned Sam Pinto's name.

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3 Comment(s):

  1. totoo ba 'to? hindi si sam pinto yan. sabi ni Mo noon pa sa juicy nung kalalabas pa lang ni sam sa PBB gusto daw niyang makilala kasi di pa niya namemeet.

    tapos sabi ni sam dun sa Good Times With Mo guesting niya gusto niya daw yung guy mas matangkad sa kanya.

    so sino nga ba ang nagsasabi ng totoo ngayon???

  2. Saka di ba matalino si sam? Eh kung di pa matalno si sam, ano na lamg ang tawag mo kay marian?

  3. Malaking katangahan ang patulan si Mo Twister