Nursing Board Exam Results 2011 (December 2010 Result) have been released! | Neil Etheridge of the Azkals makes one passer the happiest of all

The Nursing Board Exam Results for December 2010 have been released yesterday, February 19, 2011, with 29,711 Nursing Board passers out of 84,287 examinees.

And if there's one passer who was the happiest yesterday, it's Caren Ezra Fernandez from the Holy Trinity University in Palawan.

Or should I say, she's the luckiest of all because two players from the Philippine Azkals congratulated her.

She actually asked Azkals' Neil Etheridge (photo), Chieffy Caligdong, Phil and James Younghusband to congratulate her on Twitter last night.

And the two of them did. Neil (Neil38Etheridge) and Chieffy (ChieffyThe13) both congratulated Caren, who later posted on Twitter (carenezra13): "time to go to bed. I will sleep with a smile on my face because of two reasons. Happy...happy :))"

But I'm sure she couldn't sleep last night.

I can relate to what Caren felt after two celebs congratulated her. You know, if you're a fan of the Azkals or any other celebrities you admire the most, it's already a big thing if you receive a tweet from them, congratulating you for something. It brings out a different feeling.

I'm actually envious of Caren, because of many tweets I've sent to the Azkals players, I haven't received yet a single reply from any of them.

But I won't give up. Lol! [Sorry if I'm in an Azkal fan mood today!]

Now let's get more serious than that...

The number of passers for the Nursing Board Exam last December 2010 is only 35.25% of the total number of examinees.

The number of examinees actually decreased, which could have resulted to a higher passing rate. But it's not what happened.

The passing rate also went down, becoming the lowest passing percentage ever for a Nursing Board Exam during the last 10 years.

But still, congratulations to all passers!

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