Maricar Reyes has found a new 'Hayden Kho' in the person of Richard Poon

Maricar Reyes really likes chinito guys, doesn't she?

From the cutie Chinito Hayden Kho Jr, Maricar Reyes has found a new love in the person of romantic crooner and ASAP Sessionistas member Richard Poon, also a Chinese cutie.

It was so long ago when Hayden and Maricar had a serious relationship. But the video scandals which featured the two and were filmed possibly during their med-school were leaked online in 2009, and since then, Maricar Reyes has been most of the time associated with the name Hayden Kho Jr.

It's unknown who Maricar's boyfriends were after Hayden Kho but she was romantically linked to TV Host/actor Luis Manzano and allegedly caused the break-up of Luis and Maricar's "Imortal" co-star Angel Locsin in 2009. But it's unconfirmed until now.

But with Maricar now getting serious with Richard, atleast, it would finally disassociate Maricar with Hayden and Luis.

There's no official confirmation yet from Maricar and Richard as to what's the real score between them but with Maricar being spotted holding hands with Richard last Saturday in Araneta is already a confirmation.

Maricar attended the concert of Richard along with the other ASAP Sessionistas and the two went home together, HOLDING HANDS, as shown on the video report of TV Patrol Weekend yesterday. Oh sweet!

Richard started pursuing Maricar in December 2009 when she starred in his music video for "You and I" (Photo).

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  1. People are so cruel, why don't you guys give people a chance, especially Maricar Reyes, she had been quiet all along after this scandal, she is 100% a lady, and I say she totally deserve to be with Richard Poon also a gentleman. Yollie from Los Angeles MD