Roxanne Cabañero disqualified from Binibining Pilipinas 2011 for naked photos online

Two days after Grendel Alvarado and Jen Olivar were daisqualified,
Binibining Pilipinas 2011 candidate Roxanne Cabañero was also disqualified from the pageant over naked photos circulating online, source confirms.

Roxanne Cabañero photo

Unlike the case of Grendel and Jen whose naked pics were only for a photoshoot challenge on Philippines' Next Top Model contest in 2007, alleged pictures of Roxanne Cabañero were meant for a p-rn site which features naked Filipina women.

A woman named Raina and looks like Roxanne has more than 10 photos
in the said site. She's fully unwrapped in various poses showing off all her private parts.

The pictures are believed to have been existing on the internet since 2009 and if it was really Roxanne, who's now 24 years old, she probably did it during her teenage

People from different pageant forums began linking Roxanne to those
photos early February, after she was named as one of the official Top 40 candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2011.

If you remember, Roxanne was the last to be called during the
announcement of the Top 50.

Roxanne Cabañero was disqualified only a day after the 38 candidates had their official number assignment. She was supposed to be candidate #7.

On Mykiru's Fun Poll, Roxanne is among the Top 15 favorites in the pageant.


If you got the chance to watch GMA's 24 Oras last January 7, there was a report headlined "Isang dalaga mula sa Cebu, look alike ni Venus
Raj" and that girl was Roxanne Cabañero.

The report said that Roxanne also dreams to be a beauty queen just like Venus and she's already preparing for Binibining Pilipinas.

A day after, January 8, she was also featured on "Wish Ko Lang!" still on GMA 7.

Roxanne is almost close to realizing her dreams but it's completely gone as she was already disqualified from the pageant.

Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. hasn't issued yet a statement regarding the disqualification of 3 candidates.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Casanova

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    Let us set the record straight.

    ROXANNE CABANERO was not removed or disqualified by the BBPCI because it was discovered that she had nude pictures. The BBPCI at first requested CABANERO to resign because according to them, they could not afford to take controversies at the moment that they are busy in the preparations for the pageant. The suggestion to CABANERO was likewise in recognition of the ongoing investigation being conducted by the NBI on the Complaint filed by CABANERO, against the blogger who maliciously declared that it was her who was depicted in the nude pictures. To reiterate, CABANERO from the very start declared that it was not her.
    It is quite appalling that while the BBPCI did not make any declaration to the effect that the reason for CABANERO’s resignation and/or removal, however way you would like to put it was because she had nude pictures, irresponsible writers, and readers alike are quick to judge her like she was already guilty. I am sure that the BBPCI people are smart enough not to jump into such conclusions knowing fully-well that an official investigation by the NBI is yet to be completed. They know fully-well that to declare that CABANERO was the one depicted in the nude pictures without the benefit of a completed investigation would open the BBPCI to potential lawsuits to be filed by CABANERO and her lawyers. If this was the case, why should irresponsible writers and readers alike jump the gun into making rumors and conclusions of their own when these irresponsible commentaries are only destroying the reputation of the person concerned, whose heart has been damaged by the fact that she has not joined the pageant which she has been dreaming of since childhood. Isn’t it enough for us to know that she had already given up a dream that we even have to make up stories against her that only compounded her miseries?

    Let us be civil and logical please in thinking that if CABANERO was really the one depicted in the nude pictures, why did she have to file a Complaint in the NBI knowing fully-well that there is a chance the Bureau can discover that she was the same person thereby opening herself to the risk of being charged with perjury? Why should she join the BB Pilipinas in the first place if there was the risk that the organizers would find out later on that she had a dark past after all. I, and several others who have known CABANERO can attest to the fact that apart from having a beautiful personality, she likewise possesses the intelligence and wisdom not to indulge in stupidity.

    Let us not put judgment on someone without knowing the facts first. For if this was the case, any woman intending to join the pageant may be arbitrarily destroyed by making up false stories against her just so that she could either resign because of the pressure or the BBPCI itself applying the pressure to push a candidate to resign. Either way, to do so is not only unfair but malicious.

    ROXANNE CABANERO is after all a human being too, capable of being hurt.

  2. hai naku bilang alam naman nateng lahat na press release lang na nag back out ekek pero ang totoo nyan ang lola araneta me gusto na mategi ang ate roxan sa Bb………noseline naman ng mga beki ang kalakaran sa loob ng Bb………sympre hinde noseline ng jef de lara yan kc boylet sya………

  3. shez nt so mch preety. y dd she joined??? and den shez pok2x pla! kkhya if she win and den she go 2 ms univrse! she luk lykz wyf of amerikan dirtee man or japayuki yuk! lyk jaya sis lng! jajajajaja

  4. he he, lahat silang naghuhubad,dapat talagang i-disqualify at dadagdagan pa nila kasi ang already-bad image ng mga Pinay sa mga mata ng buong mundo!

  5. da hu ka ba kuya??????.....bat parang ang dame mo alam?????....jowa ka ba ni rox kung makatanggol ka????? feel mo lang magpractice ng ingles mo?????? read ka kaya twitter kuya.....may jowa si rox kuya boi palmer!!!!!.......

  6. that palmer is no other than nbi cybercrimes chief palmer mallari. that is why the findings of the nbi on this case is bullshit, m sure he did his best to cover up the scandal because cabanero, just like all his ex gfs, is cleaning his pipes. common denominator with all these women, they were all complainants too. assistance in exchange of sexual favors. he even has a blog he uses as mask to charm stupid and easy women who have problems. m positive that he is also the jeff de lara commenting on this blog, pathetic

  7. true kuya????.....pano mo nlaman?????....