James Yap and Kris Aquino receive birthday gifts from each other: bracelet for Kris and 'Bruno Mars' concert tickets for James

James Yap turns 29 today, a day after ex-partner Kris Aquino celebrated her 40th birthday.

But James and Kris already found a time to celebrate their birthday together when they had a dinner last Sunday along with Josh and Bimby aka Baby James.

Kris shared about it on Twitter yesterday and according to her tweets, Bimby gave James a red BlackBerry Torch as birthday gift for his Papa.

The father and son also prepared a gift for Kris and it's a bracelet with a card attached to it. Kris described the bracelet as lovely and the message on the card as sincere and heartwarming.

And how about Kris' gift for James?

"I gave him 2 Bruno Mars VIP tickets for him & his date for April 8," Kris said on Twitter.

Wow! How nice of Kris!

Everything is indeed going fine between Kris Aquino and James Yap, whose marriage is still in the legal process of annulment.

That's why, Kris' birthday wish is "legal freedom" for her and James.

"I wish James & I the legal freedom to be able to love again & share with new lifelong partners the love we failed to sustain between us," Kris posted on Twitter.

And just this afternoon, she tweeted the same wish again, "I wish freedom for James & me to love again & be loved in the way we failed to love each other."

James also posted his own birthday message for Kris on Twitter yesterday, just a short and simple message.

But I've noticed on James' message that he didn't even mention the name of Kris, whom he fondly called before as "Babe". He just addressed his message to "Mama of Baby James" and not "Kris".

He said, "To the Mama of Baby James, Happy Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true! God bless you :-)"

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