JC Intal and Carla Abellana are still textmates despite JC having Bianca Gonzales and Carla has Geoff Eigenmann

JC Intal, who's now exclusively dating Bianca Gonzales, is reportedly still "textmate" with former gf Carla Abellana, who's already committed to Geoff Eigenmann.

Well, nothing is wrong with that as long as JC and Carla are only friends and their respective special someone knows about it.

It just goes to show that JC and Carla
are still friends, despite the rumor before that Carla set aside her bf then JC Intal and broke him up to prioritize her flourishing career.

[See sweet photos of JC and Carla]

Carla is now happy with new bf and also screen partner Geoff
Eigenmann. They officially admitted their relationship only last October, which was also the time when JC and Bianca started dating.

Bianca and JC though haven't admitted yet the real status of their
relationship, but I think they're "on" already.

Carla will be guesting live this afternoon on GMA's Startalk to face the issue that she and JC are allegedly still texting each other. Geoff will also be there to give his reaction on the issue.

The two will also be promoting there their new show, "Magic Palayok", which premieres this Monday before 24 Oras.

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