Ching Arellano, who died last Saturday, will be cremated today

Actor Ching Arellano's body will be cremated today at the Eternal Gardens Memorial Park in Balintawak, Quezon City.

As reported yesterday on ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda, Francis Anthony 'Ching' Arellano died of heart attack on Saturday. He was 50 years old.

Ching was most familiar to viewers as Kuya Ching, the resident jeepney driver on the longest-running children show 'Batibot'.

He was also known as SPO2 Alfredo Rin in the sitcom 'Oki Doki Doc' topbilled by Aga Muhlach as well as Bakshi, an engkanto, on the 2005 horror-fantaserye 'Spirits'.

Ching appeared in at least 12 movies, mostly were comedy films.

His most recent TV shows included 'Lovers In Paris' as Vivian's Uncle Popoy and two 'Precious Hearts Romances' offerings: "Love Me Again" and "Impostor".

Here's a picture of him (in white sando) with PBB's Toffi Santos on
the set of PHR: Love Me Again, topbilled by Valerie Concepcion and Tom Rodriguez:

Tom once said this about Ching Arellano on his K-Text that time: "Ang saya sa set pag kasama si Kuya Ching Arellano...lumaki ako na pinapanood sobrang honored akong nakatrabaho sya. Lagi kaming nagkwekwentuhan dito sa set tungkol sa buhay, art, song writing and music at kung anu-ano pa."

I posted a message to Tom yesterday on Twitter about Kuya Ching, but it seems like he isn't aware that Ching has already died.

Same with KC Concepcion, who played Vivian in "Lovers in Paris". She apparently is still clueless that her Uncle Popoy in the show has passed away.

I told KC on Twitter that Kuya Ching is gone and asked her how he was as co-star, but she seems not in the mood to read tweets. (She's in the mood for love now.)

My deepest condolences to the family of Kuya Ching.

Photo courtesy of Tom Rodriguez via TomCess Thread @ PEX

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Had the opportunity to meet Ching when he was staying In Dumaguete. He was home schooling his daughter, taught her to ride the bicycle. The past several years he spent most of his hours with his daughter when he was not working in Manila. He often played the guitar and was a gifted singer. I will miss him.