Angel Locsin got invited out on Twitter by Phil Younghusband for a date this Valentine's Day | But Angel turned it down!

Angel Locsin got a date offer on Twitter from Azkals' Phil Younghusband. How lucky she is!

Phil had no "date" during Valentine's Day in the past 4 years and for this year, he's inviting Angel Locsin to be his date.

But Angel has to turn down Phil's invitation. Oh whyyy????

On ABS-CBN's Bandila last night, Phil revealed that he has been lonely during the past 4 Valentine's Day and he just celebrated it with family and friends.

Hoping that he won't have his 5th consecutive date-less Valentine's
Day, Phil logged in on Twitter this afternoon to ask out his crush
Angel Locsin to be his date on February 14.

"@143redangel Hi Angel! This is Phil. How are you? I was just wondering if you are free for Valentine's Day?" Phil asked Angel at around 2PM today.

(Say "yes" Angel!)

But Angel, who's also a fan of an Azkals, replied an hour later turning down Phil's invitation to be his date on Feb. 14, but she's saying "yes" if it's going to be on another day. "Hi, this is Angel. Congrats on your win last night! Tnx for the
invite but I have work on Valentines...Let's try another day :-)"

Oh sad! It's said to be Phil's first time to get turned down by a girl he's asking out for a date.

I'm sure Angel will have a taping for "Imortal" on that day. So maybe Phil could just visit her on the set and personally give her flowers.

But at least, Angel is willing to have a date with Phil rather than not willing at all right?

Phil hasn't replied yet to Angel's tweet but he posted instead a tweet inviting everyone to come to Azkals' victory party tonight, 10:30 PM, at A. Venue's KYSS Superclub in Makati City. Who's going there?

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  1. wow....bagay sila...millions of girls would wanna be in angels shoes right now