Angelica Panganiban alleged scandal picture, the one with breast exposure, being revived this 2011

Why is the Angelica Panganiban alleged scandal picture in 2010 being revived this year?

Even Angelica Panganiban herself is wondering why.

Angelica Panganiban, Bench Summer 2011

On The Buzz last Sunday, Angelica Panganiban admitted that she's already aware of the scandal picture long ago but just recently, it's haunting her again when it was circulating and being sent to Star Magic head Johnny Manahan, to her handler and even to friends of her bf Derek Ramsay.

The scandal picture shows a woman who looks like Angelica Panganiban, fixing her bra and with breasts exposed.

I already blogged about the scandalous photo in June 2010 during the time Angelica and Derek were vacationing in South Africa.

Eight months after, Angelica is facing the issue, denying that she's the woman in the picture. "Hindi ako 'yun. Ang ganda kaya ng body ko. At tsaka baligtad sya mag-bra. Flexible kaya ako mag-bra, helloow!" Angelica said during a live interview on The Buzz.

Angelica is already suspecting someone she knows as the one responsible for spreading the scandal photo.

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