China's Ganlulu or Gan Lulu has a video scandal filmed by her own mom

Ganlulu (or Gan Lulu), a model and actress from Beijing, China, is believed to be the woman on a video scandal available online.

ganlulu, gan lulu video clip
Screengrab from the video, courtesy of

The video clip shows a naked Ganlulu while having a shower.

What's quite interesting with this scandal is that, it's Gan Lulu's very own mother who took the video of her daughter, with the latter's consent.

And not only that, the mother was also the one who uploaded the video online, hoping to find a boyfriend or a potential marriage partner for her daughter, who turns 26 this year.

How desperate!

Both Ganlulu and her mother actually appear on video clip, telling the viewers (in Chinese language) that they're doing it to look for a boyfriend on the internet.

The video can be seen on Youtube, as well as on various Chinese video websites (such as

I don't understand why the mother has to do that, 'coz Gan Lulu is a gorgeous woman and lots of men would like her even without that naked video.

I think, PUBLICITY is what they want to achieve! And obviously, they've succeeded as the video makes headlines not only in China but also in other Asian countries.

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