'Martha Cecilia's Kristine' ends with no Emerald (Denise Laurel)

'Martha Cecilia's Kristine', the hottest teleserye to hit Philippine primetime, just had its finale tonight on ABS-CBN.

It was quite a typical finale: the conflicts were resolved, the main villain (Margarita played by Irma Adlawan) died and a happy ending for all the main characters.

The finale didn't end up with a wedding not like the other typical Pinoy soaps. It actually wrapped up with a birthday party of Baby Leonard, son of Jewel (Cristine Reyes) and Bernard (Zanjoe Marudo).

Jewel, who's pregnant of her 2nd child, was narrating what happened to the other characters: Diana (Bangs Garcia) has found a new love (Jose Sarasola), Nathaniel (JM De Guzman) is engaged to marry Jasmine (Kristel Moreno) and Marco (Rafael Rosell) finally ended up with Scarlet (Iya Villania).

'Kristine' viewers generally loved the ending, but for some, it was a big disappointment.

Yeah, I'm one of those disappointed 'coz Emerald (Denise Laurel) was totally scrapped off from the story.

In Book 1, Emerald left for the States to study and promised to come back but as Book 2 ended tonight, there was not a single mention about her.

I hate it how they made "paasa". They didn't even make a confirmation that Denise is not comin' back in the show, did they?

Even Denise's manager, Arnold Vegafria, did not directly say in an interview before that Denise would no longer be part of the show.

Denise, Rafael and the rest of the cast also kept mum about it.

On Twitter, some avid viewers of Kristine have also aired their disappointment with the ending.

Here are some of them:

@maro_garcia: "Kinwento yung buhay ng lahat except Emerald. Dream na lang ba siya? Sana man lang they gave her a happy life in the States."

@supahloveyou: "#Kristine Kaya nga ending para mabigyang closure ang lahat, bat binalewala nyo si Emerald. Para saan pa't may creative kayo, dami loopholes!"

@mhimhi0422: "si Emerald lang doon ang pure na Fortalejo, puro sila doon sampid, sana binanggit lang kung saan na si Emerald.

hofille: "ang pangit ng ending ng Kristine, kasi wala si Emerald!"

soliloquies23: "Dear #Kristine, You're ending sucks. Even on the last episode, you once again disappointed us. No explanation at all about Emerald? #worstending."

rhodapino22: "#CONDOLENCE sa aming mga umasa at nabigo...ito pala ang kapalit pag masyado ka nagmahal sa mga hinahangaan."

I agree with all of you guys!

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  1. what a big disappointment. 4 some reasons abs binigo niyo kame... a.k.a kristine staff...

  2. inaabangan ko si emerald sa happy ending nila.. pero, sad to say may lapida na pala si kristine emeral doon sa libingan ng mga kaangkan nya, paano sya namatay?

  3. a... kala ko name un ng Lola nila? so patay na pala si Emerald sa Story?

  4. si denise daw ang nagquit


  5. @davajobshiring...mukhang wala kang alam sa buong kwento ng ks...hindi lapida ni kristine emerald ang nakita mo sa museleo ng mga fortalejo kay kristine esmeralda yun asawa ni don leon fortalejo an lola ni emerald....

  6. the worse telserye ending ever. kung sino pa ang nagdala ng ks siya pa ang binalewala. anong klaseng director meron ang ks. regretted watching

  7. the worse thing the show ruined the best selling pocket book of martha cecilias.

  8. ya, i'm so disappointed too when Kristine ended without emerald, even a small description of her situation in states NONE!!! it is dissapointment to the televiewers who keeps their support until the end,...

  9. please ibalik nyo na c denise sa tv..gumawa kau ng bagong teleserye nila ni raf!!!!ano ba!!!i miss them so much..pls100x..asan ka denise???? basta bumalik kana ok????ur the best,,we will wait for u,,,luv lots:),,abs ibalik nyo na sya!!!