Paolo Hubalde's abs makes Vice Ganda go weak at the knees | Vice is already in love (or lust?) with Paolo

Paolo Hubalde, the newest judge on Showtime, is the new "love" of Vice Ganda.

Paulo Hubalde photo

Showtime host and judge Vice Ganda has found a new guy to lust for after Jon Avila, Kean Cipriano and Jhong Hilario. And he is PBA "Barako Bull" player Paolo Hubalde, who currently sits as judge on Showtime for this week.

Vice is actually feeling not just only lust, but also love 'coz he doesn't want Paolo to get evicted from the show this coming Saturday.

He wants him to stay so he's making an appeal to the viewers and his Twitter followers not to vote off Paolo.

"Ikamamatay ko talaga 'pag natanggal siya. I have never loved like this before," Vice told SNN last night.

Paolo Hubalde shirtless sexy showing abs photo

On Twitter, you can read Vice Ganda's tweets expressing her cravings for Paolo Hubalde's lust-worthy and knee-weakening bod. "Di ko kinaya ang abs ni Paolo. Nalowbat ako! Inubos nya ang energy ako."

Vice also loves to smell the shorts that Paolo gave him yesterday. "Nakakaadik ang amoy ng shorts nya!"

That's only a shorts, what more if it's an underwear?

Last Tuesday, Paolo gave Vice a jersey shirt, then a jacket on the next day and the shorts yesterday. It's exciting to know what Paolo's gonna give Vice on Showtime's episode today.

Vice also revealed on SNN last night that Paolo is already being considered as leading man in his new movie this 2011.

If in case you still don't know, Paolo is the brother of model and former UAAP player Derick Hubalde.

This might not be good to hear, but Paolo is already happily married.

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