Shaina Magdayao fans want "Alyna" back to its original timeslot

Shaina Magdayao's soap "Alyna" on ABS-CBN has a new timeslot starting last Monday, January 3, 2011.

It's now airing at 5:15 PM, the timeslot previously occupied by "Shoutout" which took over the timeslot left by "Down With Love".

While the timeslot may be good 'coz "Alyna" becomes a pre-program to the network's Primetime Bida block, some fans of Shaina or the followers of the show outside Metro Manila are unhappy with it.


Because the 5:15 timeslot of Alyna is only in Metro Manila and the show has a different timeslot in the provinces.

And also, the episodes of Alyna in the provinces starting yesterday are one-day delayed, meaning...the episode shown in Manila yesterday will be watched only today by those from non-Manila regions. How complicated!

This was also the case of Shoutout before, but not anymore with the new timeslot.

Take a look at how schedules or the order of ABS-CBN shows differ in Manila and in the provinces:

9:45 Banana Split
10:15 Kapamilya Blockbusters
12:15 Showtime
2:30 Malparida
3:30 Juanita Banana
4:15 Shoutout
5:15 Alyna

9:15 Banana Split (1-day delayed)
9:45 Kapamilya Blockbusters
11:30 Juanita Banana (1-day delayed)
12:15 Showtime
2:30 Malparida
3:30 Alyna (1-day delayed)
4:15 Shoutout
5:15 TV Patrol (Regional)

While the Shoutout fans are okay with it, Alyna viewers from the provinces are against it.

A petition site has just been started today by someone representing the avid viewers of Alyna, requesting ABS-CBN to put back the show to its original timeslot 'coz they don't want 1-day delayed episodes of it.

The creator of that petition is from Cebu and according to him/her, what's being shown there at 5:15 is TV Patrol Central Visayas and Alyna is being aired after Malparida but with late episodes.

But the question is: Will ABS-CBN grant their request? 'coz
the "1-day delayed" thing is being practiced for so long already by ABS-CBN Regional Network Group and the ABS-CBN in Manila is aware of it.

And the fact that it's being done for a long time already, that just means they really don't care if some viewers aren't satisfied with what ABS-CBN does with their shows in the provinces.

But who knows? Maybe that petition site might prompt ABS-CBN to take some actions which will favor all of its viewers nationwide.

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  1. Thank you soo much for Posting this on your blog! :) I hope ABS-CBN will hear Alyna Fans! Thank you again! :)

  2. dapat lng .. primetime p kung pwede !!!!

  3. tama ateh dapat lng !

  4. What happened to Shaina Magdayao's character in Alyna, is she really gone?