Enrique Gil no longer a host on Shoutout | Plus new groupings: James Reid gets all the girls | Tricia and Ivan in separate groups

ABS-CBN's teen variety show "Shoutout" will have a major, major revamp starting this Monday, January 24, 2011.

From 4 groups, the teenmates are now just grouped into 3, with the PBB loveteams still intact except for TriVan (Tricia Santos and Ivan Dorschner) who are now in two separate groups.

Tricia is now in one group with Ann Li, Devon Seron and James Reid.

That just means, James will be dividing himself into three loveteams: JaeVon, JaCia and JamLi.

The new groupings were revealed on yesterday's episode after ABS-CBN gave the teenmates one more month to shape up and improve, 'coz if not, Shoutout will be cancelled.

Do you think it will happen that Shoutout will go off-air? I don't think so.

I believe that it's just their way to motivate the teenmates.

What I didn't like on yesterday's episode was the way they shamed the teenmates on national TV. Why is ABS-CBN management blaming the teenmates of the show's flaws when in fact they're the ones to be blamed?

If a teenmate is pa-cute, not talented or not showing his or her best, why did they include him or her in the show in the first place?

I also didn't like the way they "demoted" Enrique Gil. From being a regular host, Enrique will now just be a member of one of the groups.

According to Shoutout's Business Unit head Joyce Liquicia, a viewer made a complaint why Enrique is hosting the show. "Sino ba 'yung Enrique? Hindi namin siya kilala. Bakit naghohost na siya? Nag-workshop ba siya?" the viewer allegedly said about Enrique.

It was read on TV, their way of putting Enrique into shame.

But why do they have to give in to that comment?

If someone doesn't know Giggerboys member Enrique Gil, who also happens to be a sought-after commercial model (Sprite, Samsung, Jollibee etc.), it either means he/she is not a Kapamilya or he/she doesn't watch Shoutout at all. Or it could be, he/she wants someone to take Enrique's place.

Hosting Shoutout is Enrique's biggest break after being in showbiz for almost 3 years, but now they're taking it away from him and he will just end up as a group member, joining the newbies and former child stars.

[But atleast he's still part of Shoutout, rather than being removed from the show]

Check out the new groupings HERE.

Enchong Dee, Sam Concepcion, Robi Domingo, Arron Villaflor, Empress and Erich Gonzales remain as hosts of the show, which is now titled "Shoutout Level Up!" starting Monday, January 24, 2011, at 4:15PM to 4:45PM.

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