Baron Geisler, 28, allegedly harrassed 40-year-old Cherry Pie Picache

Baron Geisler reportedly touched Cherry Pie Picache's breasts, prompting the latter to file a harrassment complaint against Baron.

But before that hot issue, here's a picture of Baron Geisler (in a girly mode) with Tyrone Perez.

The photo was taken late last month while shooting for an episode of MMK.

The said MMK episode, which was shown last January 1 and also starred Jewel Mische, showcased Baron's undeniable acting brilliance and could possibly earn him another acting award.

Baron actually started the year 2011 on a positive note with his MMK appearance and more exciting projects will definitely follow through.

But not anymore now, as the 28-year-old actor is facing a new harrassment complaint, this time from 40-year-old
Cherry Pie Picache.

As reported on TV Patrol and SNN last night, Baron allegedly was drunk and grabbed Cherry Pie's b**bsies while doing a scene together for the
primetime soap "Noah".

Cherry Pie, as reported, filed the complaint before the
Professional Artist Management, Inc (PAMI) and ABS-CBN Management.

Baron is yet to defend himself but if proven that he indeed harrassed Cherry Pie, he might lose the projects lined up for him this 2011.

He actually lost one already when he was immediately removed from the cast of "Noah" after that incident with Cherry Pie.

Year after year, Baron has been involved in "harrassment" scandals: with 21-year-old Patricia Martinez in 2008, with Yasmien Kurdi, 21, in 2009, with Julia Clarete, 31, last year and now with Cherry Pie Picache, 40, this 2011.

It's kinda alarming because Baron's victims (assuming all allegations are true) are getting older and older and I can't imagine who's next.

It's good to hear though from the news that Baron will already seek help from a toxicologist and a psychiatrist, and submit himself for rehab.

Photo courtesy of Winston Acuyang

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